Maybe you’re not aware of this, but in PortAventura World there are lots and lots of different characters that breathe life into every corner. True adventure lovers who have adrenaline and action running through their veins.

Keep reading to find out more about some of our most iconic characters and then come and meet them. They are sure to bring a smile to both your face and your little ones’ faces!


Woody and Winnie

Woody and Winnie have been the stars of PortAventura World ever since the resort opened its doors!

This crazy pair of woodpeckers will have you in stitches. They live in one of the trees of more than 270 species located inside the park and you can often see them around Mediterrània, their favourite area of PortAventura Park.

They peck, chop, fly, play pranks and represent PortAventura World all over the world: at events, at parties, and even in hospitals, where they’re often seen brightening the day of children who need it the most.

They will be happy to welcome you with open wings!

Meet the fascinating inhabitants of SésamoAventura

Bert, Ernie, Grover, Zoe, and Elmo are PortAventura Park’s most adventurous friend group, each one with their own personality and tastes. Keep reading and find out which one is your favourite!

Ernie is the joker, that chaotic and witty friend who can’t spend a minute without making a joke and laughing out loud. If you want a very lively party, then Ernie should definitely be on the guest list.

His favourite ride is Mariposas Saltarinas. Jump aboard and fly up and down non-stop like him!

Bert is Ernie’s best friend: he is organised and patient, two qualities that without a doubt make him everyone’s best friend. He always has a story to tell and great advice to give.

It goes without saying that his favourite ride is El Salto de Blas. He loves to look out over SésamoAventura from way up in the sky!

Grover is the furriest of them all. With his pink nose and long arms, he is one of the little ones’ favourite characters. If you have children, they’ll definitely want to meet him!

Grover really really loves to fly so his favourite ride is Coco Piloto. Fasten your seatbelts: the craziest airplane is about to take off!

Zoe is the littlest inhabitant of SésamoAventura. She is adventurous, fun, and imaginative. In short, a real tornado that can’t stay still for a second! When you visit us, you’ll have to be quick to find her!

Her favourite ride is Magic Fish. Why? You mean you don’t know? It’s one of SésamoAventura’s top rides, so don’t forget to add it to your list!

Elmo is Zoe’s best friend. He’s a fuzzy little sweetheart and loves taking care of animals and flowers. Pop by his farm! He’ll introduce you to every single animal that lives there. When you leave, you can take away a souvenir so you’ll never forget it. 😊

This is just a small preview… So don’t wait and come and meet them.

They are all waiting for you at PortAventura Park.