The construction of the new Uncharted ride at PortAventura World is going at full throttle. With every passing day, the work on this new adventure is closer to completion and what a few months ago seemed like a very distant dream, is now about to become a reality.

It is totally going to be worth the wait because it will bring a new kind of experience that has never been experienced before at the Resort. With the help of the best professionals, one of the events of the year will become the event of the decade.

Would you like to know how work is progressing and to discover some of the secrets of this ride? Then keep reading and we’ll let you in on a few things!


Brand new in every sense

PortAventura World’s new Uncharted ride will be classified as a dark ride, but, unlike Street Mission, it will be a roller coaster full of surprises inside a building.

As Luis Valencia, Director of Development for this project, told us, when we experience this ride we will do it in the most complete way. The speed, acceleration and classic turns of roller coasters will be combined with darkness and a host of visual effects that have been designed exclusively for this ride.

He was also able to give the fantastic news that the structural work of the building was about to be completed and that the installation of some sections of track had already begun.

We could tell you more, but it is better to watch this video in which Luis Valencia expertly explains everything in great detail.

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Why will it be such a unique ride?

The construction of the circuit of the Uncharted ride has now been completed. To learn more about the new phases, we met Luis Valencia again, who revealed all kinds of details about the technology and effects that will be used to create a more immersive experience for the visitors who decide to take a ride on Uncharted.

What we did not expect was to talk to Rich Hill, the creative mind from Sally Dark Rides (one of the companies responsible for bringing this project to life), who told us how the creative and technological process that will turn this new PortAventura World ride into something completely unique, immersive and surprising is developing.

Listen to their really interesting comments.

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Although 2023 has already been full of new additions in PortAventura World, without a doubt, this is going to be one of the biggest moments of the year.

There is still a little way to go before the ride is fully operational, but construction continues to gather pace and soon we will have more news for you. So, if you want to be one the first to know, subscribe to our newsletter now.


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