A visit to PortAventura World is an adventure in every sense, including taste. Not only do we have all kinds of dishes on offer, but our range of restaurants and food stalls is also very varied. As they say: variety is the spice of life. So, if you want to find out where to eat in PortAventura World, keep reading and we’ll tell you. 😉


You’ll find all your favourite foods

One of the great things about eating at PortAventura World, in addition to the wide range available, is that the food is themed according to the world in which you find yourself.

Although this may pose a slight issue, especially if you’re craving lots of different kinds of foods. Our advice? Come for more than one day. Plan your visit and explore all the options that our Resort has to offer.


Table service restaurants

If you like more elaborate dishes and to eat in peace, we recommend that you visit one of our table service restaurants. A waiter or waitress will take your order and you can enjoy dishes inspired by the world in which you find yourself, immersed in a relaxing, and themed, atmosphere.

Of course, on the busiest days we advise you to reserve a table, since there are many visitors who also want to enjoy this option.

Currently, you can find 4 table service restaurants in PortAventura Park, and Ristorante Cavallino in Ferrari Land.


Self-service restaurants

If you really like your food, but also want to make the most of your time in our parks, these types of restaurants are ideal for you. In them you’ll find a full menu with all kinds of options. In addition, all the dishes are typical of the world you’re in and will take you even deeper into the adventure you’re experiencing.

And, if that weren’t enough, in some self-service restaurants, such as La Cantina (México) or The Old Steak House (Far West), you can even take in a live show while you eat.


Snack bars and cafeterias

There are times when you know where to eat at PortAventura World, but you haven’t stopped all day and want to take a break to replenish your energy. If so, don’t worry, we’ve thought about that too. 😉

In the three parks there are all kinds of snack bars and cafeterias where you can order whatever you fancy and sit down at one of the tables to rest for a bit.


Food outlets

We all have the odd craving for an ice cream, a soft drink, or a fruit juice. And even more so after experiencing lots of emotions, because the body needs a little extra energy to recover.

For this reason, throughout the Resort you’ll find several food outlets where you can treat yourself to something tasty while heading to your next destination.


Hotels, another place to eat in PortAventura World

As you can see, the three parks are full of places to satisfy your appetite, but they are not the only locales where you can travel to other corners of your world through the power of taste. You can also eat in the hotels.

If you stay at any of the PortAventura World hotels, depending on the board basis you’ve booked, you can enjoy a great breakfast or a full evening meal at their respective buffets.

In addition, inside each venue, you’ll find snack bars or cafeterias where you can grab a bite to eat, or restaurants with table service if you want to enjoy a more refined meal.


LaLiga TwentyNine’s: a worthwhile goal for football fans

Another place to eat in PortAventura World, and one where you can also experience the best football is the sports bar LaLiga TwentyNine’s.

There you’ll find a very varied menu, inspired by the worlds of PortAventura Park, and you will be able to enjoy the best sporting events of the season.

It is located in front of the entrances to the parks and, best of all, to enter you don’t need a ticket or a hotel reservation.


Now that you know where to eat at PortAventura World, all you have to do is pop by for a visit

As you have seen, the number of options is enormous and it’s not easy to decide where to eat at PortAventura World. One thing you can be sure of is that out of all the restaurants in PortAventura World you’ll definitely find something that you like to eat. 😉


Do you want to savour a great adventure?

We’ll see you at PortAventura World