Ecoeduca Destacado

They say that children are the future, but what do we want them to be like in the future? PortAventura World’s new educational programme was born from the need to teach and transmit Corporate Social Responsibility actions to the little ones, with the premise that in order to build a sustainable future, it is necessary to start with the people who will be in charge. Discover PortAventura EcoEduca, an educational programme with new workshops on sustainability and social responsibility for primary school students.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today

At PortAventura World everything is more fun, including learning! The EcoEduca educational programme is just one of the many different social responsibility actions carried out by PortAventura World and its objective is to complement the syllabus taught in primary schools on sustainable development with interactive 50-minute workshops. These workshops, which combine theory and practice, are not only focused on raising awareness, but also on providing tools and proposing concrete solutions to take action today for what we want tomorrow.

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In the Biodiversity workshop, set in the incredible aviary of the Makamanu Garden in Polynesia, a biology specialist introduces students to the exotic birds from PortAventura Park’s show Aves del ParaĆ­so, and explains their origins and behaviours, as well as the importance of protecting the diversity of species, the value of their habitats and the different species of plants that we can find, along with their morphology.

In the Zero Waste workshop on Polynesia Beach, an explorer tells the Maori legend of the island of Maui, where natural resources were considered sacred, so they only used what they needed. In this PortAventura workshop, pupils discover how to use materials in a sustainable manner to bring us closer to a circular economy: from obtaining raw materials and resources, to reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling. A space for reflection on the environmental impact of waste, with targeted ideas to stop generating so much of it.

Bookings for EcoEduca at PortAventura

PortAventura’s EcoEduca programme includes such important content that you can access it at no additional cost. Take advantage of this opportunity! To add it to the school trip, simply send an e-mail to A word of advice: book in advance as places are limited.

There are lessons that one learns for a lifetime and caring for the planet should be one of them. In the EcoEduca workshops, with fun and participatory activities, you will learn things that are impossible to forget.