If there’s one thing that characterises PortAventura World, it has to be its impressive range of roller coasters. After all, they’re one of the main attractions of the Resort. And it’s no wonder, as all of them are so adrenaline-pumping that you’ll want to ride them over and over again.

One of the most famous ones is Shambhala, which was first opened on 12 May 2012. Along with Dragon Khan and Red Force, it is one of the icons of PortAventura World.

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Shambhala: a roller coaster true to its legend

It is said that the kingdom of Shambhala lies somewhere between the mountains and the clouds; a mythical land meaning “kingdom of happiness” that only a chosen few will ever have the chance to discover. While its exact location is unknown, some people claim it is somewhere in the Himalayas: an inhospitable territory that only the bravest dare to enter.


We at PortAventura World are lovers of great adventures, so we wanted to recreate the legend as faithfully as possible. That’s why Shambhala is more than just a roller coaster; it’s a unique opportunity to feel the sensations and excitement of an expedition to the Himalayas.


A unique course: you won’t just touch the sky, you’ll conquer it

 As you get closer to China, you’ll soon realise the sheer immensity of Shambhala. More than just a simple roller coaster, it is a mountain range of emotions. As you walk around it, you can’t help but find yourself looking up to the heavens.

It’s a striking structure in its own right, but it looks even more impressive when you get up close. With every step, you’ll feel your heart beating harder and the butterflies in your stomach start to flutter their wings. You just know that you’re about to experience something unforgettable. Once you board the roller coaster and it starts to pull away, you’ll find yourself repeating that famous line that is uttered whenever the adrenaline starts to kick in…Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

Everything happens in the blink of an eye. As soon as the ride begins, you rise 76 metres into the sky before falling straight back down, as if you were plunging down the steepest mountain in the Himalayas. From then on, everything happens at breakneck speed.

You go back up and then you come down again. You enter a tunnel, followed by a camelback. You drop again. Next, a double helix. Another rise and fall follow before you reach Speed Hill: a small hill found just above ground level that allows you to feel the thrill of hurtling through the air.

But the thrill doesn’t end there. A new camelback will give you genuine ‘airtime.’ Then, the big drop that follows will make you feel like you’re flying faster than the world’s quickest dragon. The sensation is so enormous that any feeling of fear or fright will soon be shaken out of you, and you’ll be left wanting to keep cutting through the skies.


When Shambhala eventually pulls to a stop, it will unleash the happiness the legend speaks of in all who were brave enough to ride it.


Do you really fly? Yes!

 Shambhala is a roller coaster like no other. Not only because of its main drop (from an altitude of 78 metres) or its hurtling top speed (reaching 134 km/h), but because of the unique sensation of flying it gives its passengers.


The design of the trains, with their V-shaped carriages, means that passengers feel the speed even more. This, together with the design of the seats —with a harness that allows for greater freedom of movement— makes you feel like you are flying at different points along the route.


This phenomenon, known as ‘airtime,’ is one of Shambhala’s hallmarks. And although it may feel slightly strange at first, especially for those who have never experienced such a sensation before, it ends up becoming one of the most memorable moments of a trip to PortAventura World.

The world of theme parks has its own vocabulary. The word ‘hyper coaster’ is a fusion of the words ‘hyper’ (referring to an attraction between 60 and 90 metres high) and ‘coaster’ (short for roller coaster).

Get on board in pursuit of happiness

Not only is Shambhala one of the world’s most extreme roller coasters, but it is also one of the most fun. All who ride it leave amazed, with a desire to come back for more. If you’re also a thrill-seeker, make sure you get the Shambhala experience for yourself during your next trip to PortAventura World. Some things you have to do at least once in your life and being part of this exciting expedition should be one of them.


Ever wanted to touch the sky?

Get ready to put your hands in the air!