The best way to enjoy our new dark ride Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence is by purchasing PortAventura Park tickets through our official channels, such as the website or the ticket booths inside the park. But for the most intrepid explorers, there’s another way to get into Penitence mountain.


By discovering our secret entrance!

From 8 July to 14 August, the most adventurous car in the world will travel a mysterious route through different locations on the Costa Dorada.

Your mission is to find it. Once you’ve spotted it, scan the QR code that you’ll find on its chassis. Then the great moment that every treasure hunter has been waiting for their whole life will arrive. A form will appear on your mobile. Fill it in and you’ll be entered into the prize draw for a ticket!


What is waiting for you inside Penitence mountain?

Inside PortAventura Park’s most mysterious mountain, Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence is waiting for you. This dark ride has the honour of being one of Europe’s largest and most amazing rides.

Along its track of more than 700 metres you will find incredible and dizzying turns, side drops that will catch you off guard, amazing 3D animations, an immersive story that will make you feel like the true protagonist of the film, and endless other surprises that will leave you speechless.

In addition, the ride has a perfectly themed environment that will put you in the shoes of a real treasure hunter.

When you leave the ride you will find the Uncharted shop, where you can get a great souvenir and take a piece of the Aztec treasure home with you. Here you will also find other souvenirs of the park, because PortAventura Park is the home of true adventurers.

And if you have any kind of disability that prevents you from boarding the ride, don’t worry because Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence also has an innovative VR experience.

Put on your virtual reality headset and feel exactly what any other passenger feels in our actual ride cars!