After the rides, the shows are one of the resort’s great highlights. They are suitable for all audiences and, because they are all so varied, they are a unique way of experiencing adventures in the different worlds.

Do you want to know more about them? Then keep reading. We’ll tell you more about PortAventura World’s summer shows 😉


Variety is the spice of life: a perfect description of PortAventura World’s summer shows

If there’s one thing that characterises the shows at PortAventura World, it’s their variety. Not a single one is the same and the emotions they unleash are all different. Adrenaline, surprise, fear, fascination, and many other sensations are what you’ll feel when you see the different shows.

Night falls, and it’s time for new shows

From 23 June, PortAventura World’s opening hours are extended until 11:00 pm, and there are two shows that can only be seen at this time of year.

The first is Noches de Fuego en Tahití, performed in Polynesia. A show with fire, music, lighting, and very talented dancers. All this will transport you to the other side of the world while you learn about some of the oldest rituals.

The other show that is exclusive for summer is FiestAventura, PortAventura Park’s amazing nighttime show. Its incredible combination of music, lights, projections, flyboards, fireworks, and floating carriages, amongst other sights, is the best way to say goodbye after a great day in the park.

In addition, PortAventura Parade also takes place at night, just before FiestAventura. A parade that involves all the characters and artists of the park performing a great musical number that will inspire you to join in and dance.


Music: the star of the show

PortAventura World’s repertoire of summer shows wouldn’t be the same without its musicals. The different melodies and beats transport us to a world that hypnotises and excites in equal measures.

In Fiesta Mexicana, for example, you’ll feel like you’re in an authentic cantina as you listen to the sounds of rancheras and traditional dances from the Aztec country. Alternatively, in Can Can West you can enjoy a comedy show as you become part of the story and watch the dancers perform just as they would in the Far West.


Show off your rhythmic moves

At PortAventura World we love to dance and we love to make you dance; that’s why we have several shows where dancing is the main attraction. Some, such as Aloha Tahití, are shows that are unique in Europe with native dancers that perform the most exotic and tropical dances; others are a festival of acrobatics.

Above all, Destination Dance stands out as an acrobatic musical full of lights, visual effects, musicians, great voices, and pirouettes beyond the imagination. Most people in the audience are left speechless and many have to come back and see it again in case they missed something when they blinked.

But it’s not the only show in this style. On a smaller scale, in Ferrari Land, you will find the Ferrari Land Acrobatic Show. A show in which you can see the best artists dance while they somersault and twist their bodies to the beat of the music.


Put a smile on the little ones’ faces

Summer is the best time for kids and, although all the PortAventura World summer shows are for everyone, there are some that are sure to awaken incredible emotions that will stay with them forever.

In SésamoAventura, for example, there are two shows that you just can’t miss. The first is Let’s Dance, a celebration of Abby’s birthday with non-stop singing and dancing. The second is Cuidemos el Planeta, in which Oscar teaches the little ones to recycle in a responsible and fun way.

México is also a fantastic world for children as they can meet the funniest ever ogre at the Shrek Meet & Greet, whilst listening to the beautiful voice of Fiona. They can also embark on adventures, live and in person, with Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones.


The most educational place

One area that continues to be extremely popular, year after year, is Aves del Paraíso, an informative exhibition in which an expert introduces us to all kinds of exotic species of birds and tells us interesting facts about them, life in their natural habitats, and what we can do to conserve these ecosystems. All with the aim of raising awareness about the value of biodiversity.

And of course, always entertaining spectators in an amusing and fascinating way. 😉


The wildest and funniest west

Bang Bang West is a stunts and special effects comedy show that tells the story of a troop of soldiers defending the safe from thieves. This is a show with lots of humour, pyrotechnic effects, and impossible acrobatics; but, above all, it is very, very funny.


If you don’t want to miss a single summer show, make sure you check the schedule 🕓

At PortAventura World we have always liked to stand out for our shows. We want them to be a time to enjoy with the family and to take a break from the adrenaline of our rides. And so that you don’t miss any of them, we recommend that you check the schedule.

On with the show!

Don’t miss it!