Destacado mosaic

As this season comes to an end, we can’t help but look back at this past year. 2021 began and we were very excited to welcome you back to PortAventura World. And that’s what we did! With all the excitement you could imagine and with all of the safety measures in place, we returned to our favourite place in the world.

That’s why, today we want to thank everyone who has come to enjoy and have fun with us. Together, we’re still as excited as we were the very first time. Only when a thank you moves you, do you know that it’s for you.

To the bravest

We would like to thank all the brave people who have dared to ride the PortAventura World attractions. They have experienced first-hand adrenaline and excitement shared with endless smiles with their loved ones.

To the mothers, fathers and grandparents

Also, to the mothers and fathers who, as well as riding the attractions, have found shows and restaurants where they have also savoured every moment. Thank you for wanting to experience PortAventura World as a family! They will always be grateful to you and so will we.

We’re not forgetting the grandfathers and grandmothers either, who have the same or even more energy than many others. You never cease to amaze us!

To the children

And the children? Especially the children! Because their excitement has been the biggest motivation for us to give our best every day and make PortAventura World shine brighter than ever.

To our followers

For always being up to date with everything that happens at PortAventura World through all our social media networks. We are always on the lookout for your comments!

No nos queremos ir, han sido unos días increíbles.

- @anaigarci94

To the biggest fans

For feeling our passion and enjoying every attraction and show – we are thrilled to see that you are still by our side year after year!

To the groups of friends

Who will look back on this experience so fondly and remember each attraction, every meal they had, and every night spent in the hotel… These anecdotes are priceless!

To the couples

It’s nice to see how you’ve faced the fear of some attractions together. Who said PortAventura World couldn’t be romantic?

To our team

Many thanks for your hard work. For losing your voice in every show, for making every experience unique and for trying to do it even better day after day. For conveying the company’s values and commitment to the environment, you are simply the best!

What else can we say?

Thank you, thank you… and thank you! Together, we’re still as excited as we were the very first time. Only when a thank you moves you, do you know that it’s for you.

We look forward to many more moments like these with your family and friends in 2022 – see you next season!