This year we want everyone to experience all the emotions of Christmas whilst still caring for the environment. Because you don’t have to give up a single thing to enjoy Christmas in a more conscious way! And we want to tell you about everything we have prepared.

Enjoy good company: VERI

Christmas is a time to surround ourselves with good company, so we didn’t hesitate in enlisting one of our partners, Veri, to help us get ready for these holidays.

And then we had a great idea: to create a Christmas that wasn’t green… But blue! With a tree made from 100% recycled and recyclable r-PET bottles and, in addition, they are bottles used in the park.

What better way to dress up this Christmas than with the colour of our planet, water, and Veri bottles? A way to share a great commitment and do so in such a beautiful way… Christmas has arrived in PortAventura!

These are the same bottles that you have used in the park, so you can be sure that there’s a little bit of you in PortAventura Park. Thank you for sharing the emotions of Christmas with us!

A plan that goes beyond our tree

We know that we couldn’t just stop at this beautiful blue tree. So we thought big and realised that in PortAventura we could do more to experience Christmas in the most sustainable way possible. Much more!

With an action plan that involves all of us. Limiting plastic and food waste to a bare minimum, using more sustainable means of transport, and reducing the carbon footprint of our park. Every gesture counts!

Children have a lot to say

We will all be part of this sustainable Christmas, children too! There’s no better way to start getting involved with the environment than from a young age. That’s why we have prepared a show where learning is also exciting.

A show presented by the delightful characters of SésamoAventura where children can learn the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. Who said recycling can’t be fun?

A programme for schools with different workshops on sustainability and social responsibility. Combining theory and practice, learning about biodiversity and waste will be quite an adventure. Sign up with your school!

Cuidemos el planeta Eco Educa

Happy Blue Xmas to everyone!

As you can see, we have taken into account every detail to experience the most exciting and sustainable Christmas in PortAventura. All that’s missing is you! We are waiting for you to share great emotions and great commitments.