Explorers of the world! PortAventura World invites you to light the torches and prepare your treasure hunting kit, because the Uncharted adventure is about to begin.

Work on the new ride has entered the final phase, in which the track, trains, audiovisual effects, and all the secrets you can imagine are practically synchronised to create a unique experience that you’ll never forget.

Has curiosity got the better of you? Then keep reading to find out more!


As real as the best of fantasies

This ride couldn’t have been located anywhere other than Far West, in the midst of mountains, wild rivers, caves, and mines.

According to Victoria Salazar —Head of Architecture and Theming— and Verónica Fernández —Head of Works Management for the project— the ride will be fully integrated into the Far West with a never-before-seen realism that will immerse you in the story and put you in the shoes of the film’s clever protagonists.

In addition to its location, it is important to note that the creators of the film’s visual imaginary were consulted for all theming and it has been created using the latest technologies, such as 3D modelling.

Have a listen to the chat we had with them so that you can see for yourself how it’s all turning out. We are so looking forward to seeing you there!


Find out how the construction process has developed

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A dark ride that is as safe as it is addictive

In addition to ensuring that our Uncharted ride awakens a thousand emotions and gets your heart pumping, at PortAventura World we have not stopped working for a second to guarantee the maximum safety conditions. To explain this entire process, we talked to the people in charge of the Maintenance department, who have left us with two incredible pieces of news.

The first: as expected, the design and operation have passed all safety tests.

And the second and most exciting: that to pass these tests, we obviously had to put the ride into operation, so we can say that… the first trains have already been on the tracks!

There are no words to express our feelings, which are probably similar to what Nathan and Sully felt when they found the treasure, so we’re sharing the video so you can see it with your own eyes.


Testing and certification process for the new roller coaster

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Once it’s up and running, only the most important thing remains for all our work to make sense: that you enjoy it over and over again, creating hundreds of unforgettable memories.

Ah! And please, if you find the treasure, remember us 😉