Are you already on holiday? If so, you’ll know that there’s nothing better than meeting up with your mates, putting on your swimsuit and taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool.

For this reason, PortAventura World is going to tell you everything you need to know about our swimming pools. They’re perfect for forgetting about the office and launching yourself – be it head first, feet first or even as a ‘cannonball’ – into the most refreshing of adventures.

Keep reading to learn more about our swimming pools.


White sand swimming pool at Hotel Caribe

We must start by telling you that all of our hotels have their own swimming pools, meaning you can take as many memorable dips as you like during your stay. The first pool we’re going to mention is the white sand pool at Hotel Caribe!

It is one of the largest sand pools in Europe and will make you feel like you’re relaxing in a tropical bay. Spend the day building sandcastles, sunbathing and enjoying the shows put on by our team of entertainers.

Bahama Beach

Bahama Beach is another place that is ideal for recharging your batteries after a morning of non-stop adventure and adrenaline. This tropical-themed space has plenty of sun loungers arranged around its enormous swimming pool. Just lie back, close your eyes and listen as the relaxing reggae music immerses you in a unique summery atmosphere.

Leave your stress and anxiety at the door. At Bahama Beach, all you need to think about is relaxing and floating gently on the waves.

Sésamo Beach

If you’re planning to come to PortAventura World with your little ones, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a dedicated kids’ pool.

Sésamo Beach is a place where children can cool off as they embark on authentic and hilarious adventures involving pirates and corsairs. Spread across depths of 50 cm and 30 cm, your children will have endless fun in a safe space where absolutely anything is possible.

Zona Indoor

PortAventura World has you covered whatever the weather!

We have a heated indoor pool area where you can have endless amounts of fun playing with jets, water pistols, nets, ball pools and an incredible life-size aeroplane.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? So, come and jump right in!