Adventurers, there’s no denying it…June and July were incredible months that we got to share with you! Not only did we all enjoy Europe’s most impressive attractions and make the most of the hotel pools, but we also witnessed an historic event at PortAventura World. Yes, we mean none other than the grand opening of our dark ride Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence.

Still not tried it? Then August is the perfect month to do so!

You may not know it yet, but we’ve packed some of the year’s most interesting days into the last month of summer. Keep reading to find out more and come and celebrate these dates in style.


World Day of Joy

Every year on 1 August, World Day of Joy is celebrated across the globe, the perfect occasion to forget your problems and enjoy every second to the fullest. It usually coincides with the beginning of the holidays for a large part of the population and is a day to skip, laugh, live, and have a great time with family and friends.

And where better to spend it than in PortAventura World?

All our rides, shows, and experiences have been designed for this very purpose, so that your happiness levels rise as high as Shambhala and shoot through your body as fast as Furius Baco.

Hold on tight because this could be the best day of your life!

Fuirus Baco

International Youth Day

Another outstanding day in this magical month is 12 August. This is when the world celebrates International Youth Day. It is a day designated by the United Nations to pay special attention to the ideas put forward by young people in order to tackle all manner of social issues.

In short, it is a day to show that young people have power, for them to feel proud of being young, and for those who now may be a little older, to feel like teenagers again and enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush and top speeds in our different parks.

However, at PortAventura, we save our most exuberant August celebrations for…


International Roller Coaster Day

That’s right, International Roller Coaster Day really does exist and nothing would make us happier than to spend it with you!

Call your family and friends, and visit PortAventura World on 16 August to celebrate and experience an unforgettable day riding our most iconic roller coaster: Dragon Khan. You’ll be surprised by its epic descent and scream non-stop as you whizz through eight loops in just 69 seconds, at an extreme speed of 110 km/h. Your hair really will stand on end!

And if that leaves you still wanting more, brave the mighty Shambhala and its impressive drop, the longest descent in PortAventura Park. In addition, its five camelbacks will give you a flying sensation that you’ll want to repeat as soon as you get off the ride. Are you ready to live this experience?

Handy Tip: it’s best not to blink if you don’t want to miss anything that awaits you on this coaster. 😉

As you can see, in August, PortAventura World has tons of experiences just for you.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!