At PortAventura World we want you to enjoy new adventures year after year. We want to really wow you before you even have chance to get on a ride. For this reason, in 2023 we’re going to launch the new season with an event never seen before at the Resort: the PortAventura World Carnival!

From 17 February to 26 March, every weekend you can live a unique and completely new experience. If you want to know what it’s all about, keep scrolling down.


Join us for an unforgettable party

Can you imagine experiencing some of the best carnivals in the world all in one carnival? Enjoying a great party while your adrenaline rockets on incredible rides? Making endless memories? Well, that’s what the PortAventura World Carnival is like, a carnival different from the others where the word “boring” has no place.


Rio de Janeiro and Venice merge into one incredible party

Two of the world’s greatest carnivals come together to create a party full of joy, set to the samba beats and with the most authentic Venetian elegance. Six weekends in which the Resort will be filled with confetti and fun.

During these days, you will experience a host of emotions, you will feel an infinite desire to dance, and you will want to immortalise thousands of moments that, without a doubt, you’ll end up uploading to your Instagram profile.


Shows where you just can’t stop dancing

Carnival is synonymous with costumes, but also with music, laughter, and dance. And this is precisely what you’ll find in the different shows at PortAventura World.

Songs that will make you want to move as if you were in Rio de Janeiro, acrobatics that will leave you speechless, carnivalesque magic tricks that will make you smile over and over again… Everything your body needs to keep the rhythm going so that you can experience a Carnival that you’ll always remember.

Do you want to know more about these shows? Discover all the PortAventura World shows for Carnival.


Special decorations for a special Carnival

At PortAventura World, when a special time such as Easter Celebration, Halloween, or Christmas arrives, we like to theme our areas to really intensify your experience.

Carnival is no exception. We’re going to decorate a large part of PortAventura Park so that you can experience one of the happiest adventures within the Resort. Worlds such as Mediterrània or Far West and spaces such as China’s Plaza Imperial will dress up for the occasion and transport you to a PortAventura Park that you’ve never experienced before.

In addition, with the different kinds of street entertainment on offer, you’ll feel the party vibe even more. And if you want to immortalise the moment before you get completely caught up in what’s going on, we will have several photocalls so you can come out looking your best.

Wear your disguise on the best attractions and take home the best souvenir

You can celebrate no other Carnival in the world on board Shambhala, Dragon Khan, and Hurakan Condor, among other rides. You can only do this at PortAventura World’s Carnival of Carnivals.

And the best of all is not that it’s completely unique, which it is. The best thing is that you can keep your costume on and really get into character to create an even more memorable ride photo.


A Carnival like you’ve never experienced before is waiting for you

They say that you never forget the first time and this is going to be a great first time. We want 2023 to be a very special year and we want to spend it with you in a big way.

Is your costume ready?

We’ll see you there!