Panorámica MED

Discover the most magnificent places in the world as you enter the gates of our park and learn new things through the stories that Mediterrània hides behind its walls.


The entrance and introduction to Mediterrània

Mediterrània in PortAventura Park is the point of entry and exit to the park, the welcome area where everyone who has ever visited the park comes and goes. For this reason, in addition to being the first port of call for all visitors, Mediterrània is the area with the park’s main services, restaurants and shops.

At the beginning of the day, it is common to find some of the most popular characters at the entrance to Mediterrània, specifically Woody Woodpecker and Betty Boop. And in the evenings, before closing time, the fountains of the lake reproduce visuals and colours to the rhythm of the music.

mapa Mediterrània

Mediterrània as a starting point: explorations and discoveries

The Mediterrània world in PortAventura Park was inspired by various towns on the Costa Dorada (Tarragona) and the Costa Brava (Girona), creating a small postcard fishing village on the shores of a lake that recreates a Mediterranean port from the 1870s.

Mediterrània is a starting point from which to travel to the other worlds of PortAventura Park. You can take the boat to China and Polynesia, or opt for the train that picks you up at Estació del Nord and takes you to Far West.

A boat departs from Port de la Drassana to embark on a journey to the Imperial Chinese port, passing through the greenery of wild Polynesia. The trip to the China themed area, will remind you of the exciting famous expedition that the merchant Marco Polo undertook from the Mediterranean Sea to China, passing through the whole of Central Asia and along the legendary Silk Road.

Port Drassana 2

The other alternative is to go to the Estació del Nord and take the train to Far West. An old locomotive will take you to many corners of the park, passing over a bridge whose design is a copy of one of the bridges designed by Gustave Eiffel. Before arriving at the real Wild West, the locomotive makes a stop at SésamoAventura. The first people to go on the first expedition to the Wild West were Captain Lewis and Lieutenant Clark on a reconnaissance mission for the American government of the time. At Penitence Station you will find some of the paintings that tell the story of the union of the two coasts of the United States of America

The Mediterranean Sea is a symbol of creativity, of the search for the meaning of life and wisdom, as well as of love for people and nature.

- David Abulafia, Professor of Mediterranean History at the University of Cambridge.

The world of Mediterrània reflects the spirit of exploration and expansion to new worlds that the different villages of the Mediterranean have been involved in throughout history:

Great navigators and shipbuilders who carried trade all along the eastern and southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea (from 3200 B.C. to 400 A.D. approx.).

Their empire spread across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. They invented and exported modern philosophy, democracy, the Olympics and the foundations of science, among others (200 B.C. and the Dorian invasion, until 146 B.C.).

Their greatest extension covered the European continent, Africa and the Middle East. The Romans revolutionised engineering, inventing the arches, roads, bridges and aqueducts that can still be seen in many parts of the peninsula. They also invented the law on which many Western laws are based (27 B.C. – 476 A.D.).

What does the Mediterranean Sea mean?

The etymological origin of the word comes from the Latin Mar medi Terraneum meaning “sea in the midst of the lands”. In Arabic, it is al-Bahr al-Mutawāsiṭ which means “middle sea”. In Turkish, it is called Ak Deniz (“White Sea”) as opposed to the Black Sea, since for the Turks “white” is south and “black” is north. Finally, the Romans called it Mare Nostrum (Our Sea), as they conquered all the lands surrounding the Mediterranean and so it remained under their empire for several centuries.

The meaning of Mediterrània in PortAventura Park

The meaning of Mediterrània in PortAventura Park conveys a similar idea: the central area or place in the park over which everything else extends. The Mediterrània lake is surrounded by the rest of the park’s worlds and serves as the channel through which to travel and discover the rest of the worlds. For this reason, the main fireworks, light and water shows take place in the Mediterrània lake throughout the year, such as FiestAventura, Horror en el Lago at Halloween and La Llegada de los Emisarios Reales at Christmas. And its main streets are home to the PortAventura Parade.

Mediterrània’s buildings and landmarks

Once you enter the Mediterrània world of PortAventura Park, you come across a peaceful fishing village that you will have to cross until you reach the seashore (lake).

The first building you come across is called Mas Fonoll, a true representation of the typical peasant houses with an orchard.

In the centre is the Plaza Mayor (main square) together with the Casa de la Vila (town hall) which was inspired by the Vila de Prades, Baix Camp (Tarragona). It is the central space of the village where the fish auctions take place.

Cross the Portal del Mar and arrive at the lake, leaving the Teatre Principal on the left and on the other side a small cove with authentic boats brought from nearby ports such as Cambrils, Tarragona and Vilanova i la Geltrú.

Barcas lago

Next to the fishing port is the most popular and exquisite restaurant in PortAventura Park, Racó de Mar. It is an á la carte restaurant with a delicious Mediterranean gastronomic offer, with the typical dishes of the area. The establishment has several very different buildings that tell the story of its founder, a fisherman who decided to buy several houses in the port to open a unique restaurant business. The interior is full of paintings of Tarragona’s fishing ports and the surrounding area of that time.

Finally, there is a farmhouse called Can Bacus, inspired by the vineyards and houses dedicated to wine production. From here, you can access Furius Baco, one of the park’s best-known and fastest rides. If you want to know more about the magnificent attraction, check out: How does Furius Baco reach its top speed?