Delion Experience

Anyone who thinks you only need one of your senses for eating has never tried Delion Experience at PortAventura World.

Its name is a fusion of the words “delicious” and “emotion”, but it is more than just a new gastronomic concept. Delion is a complete experience for all 5 of your senses.


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How did Delion Experience come about?

The project came about as a result of the need to offer an experience that was more in line with new guest trends and needs. We introduced more fresh, natural products that are prepared more simply (fewer sauces, less onerous preparation). This allows the taste of the products to be savoured, along with more modern presentation and high-quality, freshly prepared products.

One of the other star products that Delion offers is the Boulangerie, where you will find a wide variety of breads and pastries in the mornings. And at night, a different selection of cheeses is offered each day, in addition to large loaves of bread.

In summary, a more up-to-date, fresh, natural option that seeks to offer an innovative gastronomic experience that is different every day.

Tastes, colours, textures and aromas coexist in this option that is designed to be enjoyed from breakfast to dinner.

Enjoy a gastronomic experience in PortAventura World



The experience starts with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. From fresh fruit, milkshakes and yoghurts for the healthiest, to crepes and French toast for those who want to indulge themselves. A varied breakfast that is perfect for storing up energy. Make the most of it and enjoy all the things you like; you have a long day ahead of you!



There’s nothing better than ending an incredible day with a dinner that’s out of this world. Every night, at Delion Experience, you can travel wherever you want via your plate!

On PortAventura Nights, you will be able to enjoy the tastes of China, Mexico, Farwest, Italy and Sésamo, and experience all the worlds of PortAventura through their food.

On Fantasy Nights, you will be able to indulge your most exclusive tastes. Sushi, prawns, and yes, even chocolate fountains! A night that will satisfy all your desires.

Lastly, on Tradition Nights, you will be able to connect with our roots and enjoy the most characteristic of Mediterranean traditions. “Montaditos” sandwiches, different types of rice and home-made desserts will make you feel at home.



 Experiences aren’t shared, they’re lived. So don’t miss out on experiencing this new way to enjoy PortAventura world for yourself.  Live the Delion experience by staying in one of the following participating hotels:

  • PortAventura Hotel

    the famous Port Buffet is located in the hotel’s main square

  • Colorado Creek Hotel

    in its Creek View Buffet restaurant, you can enjoy the Delion gastronomic universe.

  • Gold River Hotel

    the experience will be available in the Grand Hall Buffet