Welcome to Delion Experience

Travel to a new and exclusive gastronomic universe in our hotels.

Sit down and travel. Travel to six extraordinary worlds and live unique experiences in dream hotels. Enjoy every moment. Sit down and travel. Travel to a new gastronomic universe where you will discover incredible sensations. An unforgettable journey to awaken your senses and one that you can enjoy only in PortAventura World.

Delion Experience
Delion Experience

An indescribable feeling that will completely envelope you and rise up when your five senses and the worlds of PortAventura World merge into something delicious.

Discover a new exclusive experience whilst staying in our hotels.


When delicious meets emotion.

You can enjoy our unique gastronomic experience at the following hotels:

  • Hotel PortAventura
  • Hotel Gold River
  • Hotel Colorado Creek

Included with half-board and full-board reservations.

And remember, check-in online and, upon arrival at the hotel, you can book your slot and enjoy Delion Experience, included in your stay.

Delion Experience