This year, from 23 September to 12 November, at PortAventura World you can experience the Halloween to beat all Halloweens!

For more than a month, PortAventura Park will be transformed into a land of sheer terror, filled with creatures that will haunt your memories forever, as well as chills and shows that will make you tremble with excitement… and fear.

And so that you can squeeze every drop out of the experience, we offer you discounts on the Hotel + Tickets package for PortAventura Park, or the option to enjoy PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land for 2 days for only €49.

So now you have no excuse to just rattle around at home! Have a look on our website to find out everything you need to know and head to the place where Halloween will become your fondest memory!


But… what makes this year’s Halloween at PortAventura World so great?

 If you’re a true fear fan, sit down and pay attention. We’re going to tell you the reasons why you should mark this Halloween on your calendar as an unmissable date and pay a visit to your favourite resort.

During Halloween, PortAventura Park will transform into a totally different, unique, and incredibly exciting place. The theming will fill every spinechilling nook and cranny and guarantee that adrenaline and speed are not the only things that will make you scream.

In addition, we have created Made To Scream special guests that will turn our shows and passages into a paradise for fear lovers. Are you brave enough to meet them?

Catrina, the undead owner of La Hacienda. A rebellious spectre, full of energy, whose ice-cold eyes will illuminate even the darkest of nights. If you hear her singing, you’d better run away!

The Madman. He’s smart, fast, and knows a thousand ways to make you quake with fear. He’s been waiting all year for Halloween to come out from wherever he lives and scare everyone who crosses his path.

The Witch, with her pointy hat, broom, and dragon horn wand is the nicest of all our characters. She knows a thousand spells and charms to create the wildest attractions.

Halloween Shows

But the theming and our characters won’t be the only things you simply can’t miss. One of the highlights of Halloween at PortAventura World are the shows that are only performed at this time of year. La Isla Maldita and Horror en el Lago are certainly two outstanding examples, but this year we have added one more surprise to the list.

A brand new show. This one is a great new Scare Zone and has never been seen before at PortAventura World!

It is called La Maldición del Emperador and we can guarantee that it’s a show full of fear, action, and suspense in which you can interact, almost face to face, with the emperor and the guards to really feel like a part of the story.

As night falls, all of them will take up their ancient weapons and lumber through the streets of PortAventura Park looking for revenge.

So, be there for their very first outings and become one of the stars of the show!

Passages of terror

In addition to our shows, at Halloween you can also have a great time with other amazing experiences, such as the passages of terror.

REC® Experience, for example, is a dark and gloomy tunnel, spewing with zombies, that will make you feel as if you’re actually in one of the movies in this saga. The only way to save yourself is to run. But don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll have lots of fun if you convince your friends to enter with you!

On the other hand, if you’re a true fan of Mexico and its culture, La Muerte Viva is the passage for you. Visit the afterlife in the purest Mexican style and discover souls that do not want to be forgotten. If you pass by, avoid looking the Catrina skeletons directly in the eyes!!

Apocalipsis Maya and La Isla Maldita, where you set foot on a mysterious island inhabited by the most terrifying pirates and attempt to get past all the hidden traps, are other essential passages that will stay with you forever. One word – hair-raising!

Come and visit us soon! The Madman, Catrina, The Witch and all your freaky friends are waiting for you at PortAventura Park!