Destacado HW

Let’s take a look back at Halloween 2021 in PortAventura. If you were able to pay us a visit, we know it might be difficult for you to remember everything you experienced, but we recommend that you read on as we reveal PortAventura’s darkest secrets. And to those who couldn’t join us, welcome to a world of terror…


Experiences to talk about… if you survive

Está claro que todo lo que experimentamos en Halloween es difícil de contar. Desde fenómenos paranormales a apariciones fantasmagóricas, lo que sí podemos asegurarte es que nadie quedó indiferente.


Highlight: La Muerte Viva

The first passage in Europe set in the Mexican universe of terror was a smash hit. Even though no one who came out of it could explain in detail what happened inside, rumours say that widows in mourning, corpse brides, and other dark beings could be seen.

Muerte Viva GIF

¡¡Ha sido espectacular este Halloween, de 10!!

- @goonzh | Instagram

Unforgettable Halloween shows and passages of terror

There is a fine line between reality and fantasy. And in the La Isla Maldita and REC® passages of terror, we felt like we were living in a very real nightmare.

It was quite a challenge not to get trapped in La Isla Maldita, between ghost pirates and shipwrecked zombies who wanted to keep us there and turn us into one of them. Many did not manage to escape and were never heard from again…

Have you seen the film REC®? Can you imagine living it first-hand? That was REC Experience, a passage of terror that for many of us still haunts our dreams...

REC Mosaic

[…] loved the decoration, it was creepingly loving!!!

- @oio1985 | Instagram

And when you thought that it was all over, a vampire invasion came to the Far West and the cowboys had to defend the city. During Halloween at PortAventura no one is safe, not even the cowboys!

Bang Bang HW Mosaic

The park was dressed up for the occasion

The decorations certainly did not disappoint. The park was full of pumpkins, skulls, graves … Everywhere you looked it reminded you that you were living the most authentic Halloween experience. And your favourite characters? They also dressed up for the season and gave more than a scare to some distracted visitors.


Fear faced by the bravest visitors

If there is one thing that has made us really happy, it’s reading your comments. Thank you everyone! The truth is that we also had a great time (even when we were really scared).

¡Ha sido genial haber vivido desde dentro el Halloween en PortAventura! Isla Maldita Forever!

- @germor16 | Instagram

And it doesn’t end there…

After telling you about everything that happened during Halloween 2021 at PortAventura, we urge you to experience it for yourself next year and have as much fun as we do. Are you brave enough?

And to those brave souls who did pay us a visit we just want to say…Thank you very much