Fuirus Baco

Furius Baco in PortAventura Park is Spain's fastest roller coaster and is also considered to be one of the fastest in Europe. But how does Furius Baco reach this speed?

It’s thanks to a totally revolutionary and original propulsion system. It is well worth a detailed analysis of the inner workings of this unique contribution to the world of roller coasters. A launch system that resembles and is inspired by aircraft carrier catapults.

How fast does Furius Baco actually go?

It is an accelerator-type attraction that manages to go from 0 to 135 km/h in only 3.5 seconds, with a force of 4.7 g. G-force measures the force that gravity exerts on an object.

To fully understand its magnitude, the Tesla Model S, a benchmark electric car capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds, generates a force of 1.4 g on the passengers inside. Furius Baco exerts more than double this force on each of the riders on board. (This also takes into account the fact that the train weighs approximately 10.5 tons with passengers on board)


How does Furius Baco achieve these incredible speeds and power in such a short space of time?

This is thanks to its complex hydraulic propulsion system, known as a winch. A moving part known as a “Catch Car” is coupled to the train in the launch area. From here, the steel cables connected to the Catch Car pull from the assembly with the movement of the Winch. The Winch is the “metal drum” that collects the cables and transmits the necessary power and acceleration, thanks to the propulsion system, which is based on 24 hydraulic motors and 2 high pressure accumulators.

In order for the oil to reach high pressure levels, another large nitrogen reservoir separated by a piston is required. Once the pressure is reached, the valves release the oil, which is expelled under high pressure by the nitrogen towards the winch. The complex hydraulic system of valves and motors is used to move a large gear assembly, which transmits the movement to the Winch each time it launches.

The nitrogen tanks function as a “spring” type mechanical energy accumulator, stabilising the consumption of electrical energy in the propulsion system of motors and hydraulic pumps.

Other interesting facts about the origin and life of Furius Baco

Furius Baco first opened in June 2007, and was one of the most complex attractions built to date in PortAventura Park. Especially when taking into account the most technical part and the technology used. At that time, it became Europe’s fastest ride.

It was so specialised that it was necessary to put together a maintenance team dedicated entirely to the operation of the attraction.  And it’s no wonder when you consider that there are 10 tonnes of oil that must be kept at 40 degrees and constantly refrigerated after each launch. If you have found the ride closed at any time, there you have the explanation!

Another interesting aspect of Furius Baco is the design of its cars, which was rare and ground-breaking in its time. It is known as wing walker, where the seats are distributed along the sides of the track. This design gives riders the sensation of flying, as they are suspended in the air with nothing under their feet.

In addition, the design of the attraction is different from the standard design used in accelerator-type roller coasters. More than simply achieving height, the track also seeks to maintain a high speed along the entire track, making it different from other “launch coasters”. It also seeks to keep the track close to the floor/ground, as this helps to maintain the sensation and feeling of high speed.

International speculation was rife throughout Furius Baco's construction, and, in order to protect it from the growing curiosity exhibited by other competitors, the project was enveloped in an aura of secrecy and referred to with other names such as “Cisne [Swan] 304”. You can see this name at the bottom of the photo in the project plans.

Now that you know all the secrets about PortAventura Park’s fastest and most intense attraction, it’s time for you to be brave and feel the speed of Furius Baco!