The new school year has already started and many primary and secondary pupils have returned to the classroom ready to face a new year.

We are sure that it will be an exciting academic year with lots of adventures. To make it even better, why not pay a visit to PortAventura World in these coming months?


Excursion to PortAventura World: the perfect way to motivate pupils!

For a number of years, at PortAventura World we have welcomed visitors from thousands of schools and institutes, and a trip to the Resort has become the highlight of the year for many of their pupils. Several teachers have told us that offering a trip to this destination as a prize has served to motivate their pupils. To reward effort and great results, they can look forward to an end-of-year trip to the Resort, where they can have fun and let off some steam after studying hard.

However, a trip to PortAventura World with their school or institute is not only a way of motivating pupils; it’s also an opportunity to learn and to build strong relationships. How? Below, we’ll tell you how. ?

An opportunity to learn

At PortAventura World everything is fun, including learning! With the EcoEduca educational programme, students can complement the syllabus taught at primary and secondary schools with 50-minute interactive workshops on sustainable development. These workshops, focused on raising awareness, combine theory with practice, while providing tools and targeted solutions to act today in order to influence tomorrow.

In addition, we take the theming of our worlds very seriously. All the elements of the Resort are as faithful as possible to the reality they represent, which allows visitors to discover distant cultures close to home.

And, as if this weren’t enough, our attractions are based on true stories or legends, so students can discover unknown myths that are not included in the class syllabus.


Improves group cohesion

A class is still a group and, as in any group, sometimes tensions arise. Taking a break from routine can be a way to reduce these small conflicts that can bubble up on a daily basis. Pupils can switch off, release tension, and smooth out rough edges. Where before there may have been bad vibes, now there is camaraderie.

In fact, several teachers have told us that, after a visit to PortAventura World, pupils that were previously on different wavelengths have ended up as united groups in which a positive atmosphere prevails.


Improves the teacher-pupil relationship

Sometimes the relationship between teachers and pupils is not an easy one. There are many students in one classroom and getting them to take in knowledge can create tension. And this is perfectly normal: pupils have different strengths in different subjects. If there is something they can’t get to grips with, they get frustrated and utter the age-old phrase: “The teacher doesn’t like me”.

For this reason, this type of excursion can help change the pupil’s perception of their teacher. In a more relaxed environment, pupils not only relate differently to each other, but also to their teachers. As well as sharing special moments, they also talk about things that would be unthinkable in the day-to-day classes.


A day to combat a sedentary lifestyle

A visit to PortAventura World may be an adrenaline-filled experience, but it’s also a great workout. We offer 119 hectares of fun, so after getting off one ride the pupils will want to walk or run to the next one as quickly as possible.

That’s why we always recommend to groups that during their visit they need to eat, drink water, and regain their strength. Because, just like any other self-respecting adventure, they are going to expend a lot of energy.


We also have a museum!

If, in addition to motivating pupils in PortAventura Park, you visit Ferrari Land, you will have the opportunity to enter the Ferrari Land Gallery, an interactive space where you can discover the history of this legendary motor-racing team.

As you make your way around, you will learn about the historical milestones that marked a before and after, you will discover the best drivers, both past and present, and you will be amazed as you admire some of the most incredible single-seaters.


Do you want to motivate pupils with a visit to PortAventura World? Discover our rates for school groups

As you can see, a visit to PortAventura World isn’t only a wonderful opportunity to motivate students, but it’s also an experience to learn and build relationships. If you want to bring your group to create memories that you’ll remember as a class forever, discover our special rates for schools for PortAventura World tickets.

This academic year, we’ll see you there!