Since the grand opening of Ferrari Land in 2017, Red Force has been the star attraction of PortAventura World’s Ferrari theme park. And it’s no wonder, since it’s one of the world’s top five tallest and fastest roller coasters, a fact that attracts hordes of adrenaline seekers.

Do you want to know more about Red Force? Then keep reading because we’re going to tell you everything about its height, maximum speed, history… and much more!


Ferrari Land’s Red Force: a roller coaster that made history!

The official launch of Red Force was a milestone for the European amusement park industry, as this vertical accelerator became the tallest and fastest on the continent.

Standing at a height of 112 metres, with a total track length of 880 metres, it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 180 km/h in just five seconds, generating a sensation that has never been experienced before in Europe.

Marc Gené, Ferrari test driver, has confirmed that a ride on Red Force is the closest thing to being in a Formula 1 racing car, since its acceleration and g-force are similar to those of a single-seater.

In addition, a ride on board this attraction lasts the same as the time it takes to go around any Formula 1 circuit. Between one and two minutes pass from the moment you get on to when you arrive back and brake, including the time taken to secure the restraints and get you ready to go. This happens by pure chance, but that makes it feel even more like being in a Formula 1 car.

What was the idea behind this attraction?

When Ferrari Land was created, we wanted absolutely anyone to be able to enjoy the experience of being a Formula 1 driver. So, we came up with Red Force. The design was carefully thought out for this purpose: its structure allows the ride to reach the speed and acceleration of a single-seater and experience the same sensation of adrenaline that the great Ferrari champions feel.

Your journey: adrenaline in its purest form

The Red Force track consists of a horizontal acceleration line that takes passengers not only to a speed of 180 km/h, but also an acceleration of 1.35 G. Then, the train climbs vertically until reaching a height of 112 metres, from where it drops sharply until it reaches the final stretch, and brakes.

As a passenger on Red Force, it’s hard to tell exactly when the trains will be catapulted forward. At the moment the launch signal is given, the vehicle backs up a bit until it locks onto the propulsion system. After a few seconds, the train is launched without warning.

As if this wasn’t enough, the attraction is themed as if it were a Formula 1 circuit. The station simulates the pit area of the Ferrari team and the trains look like real single-seater racing cars. Even the exterior has been afforded the same care and attention, with a grandstand for any spectators that are too nervous to climb aboard. All this really gets the adrenaline pumping and makes passengers feel like they’re really in the zone.


An attraction that will change your state of mind

It may be because of its speed, or due to the feeling of falling into the void, or a combination of everything; whatever the reason, the reality is that when one leaves Red Force, their mood has completely altered.

It’s very strange not to see someone smiling or exclaiming “Wow! That was amazing!”. And any worries they may have had during the week simply vanish at the same speed at which the attraction moves.

So, if you want to leave with renewed emotions, don’t hesitate to stop by Ferrari Land and take a ride on this legendary roller coaster.


Are you ready to feel like a Ferrari champion?

Every year, thousands of visitors enter Ferrari Land with the desire to feel like true Cavallino Rampante champions. It’s hardly surprising, given that this park has everything you need to feel like a Formula 1 driver.

So, if you’re one of the few who has not yet lived the experience, we encourage you to do so. And, if you have, we encourage you to live it again. With our combined tickets and packages, it’s now easier than ever. 😉


Let out your inner red and join us.

Red Force is waiting for you!