Do you remember the first time you visited PortAventura World? Do you recall that rush of adrenaline when you first saw the impossible twists, turns and top speeds of our rides, our surprising shows in which nothing is as it seems, and how good it felt to tell your friends and colleagues about it on your return?

We at PortAventura World want everyone’s first trip to our park to be unforgettable. To help with that, we’ve drawn up a list of our top 3 unmissable rides that will allow first-time visitors to our park to become true adventurers!

Make sure you share this list with your friends who haven’t visited us yet. And if it’s you who hasn’t visited us before, pay close attention to the rest of this post. With these tips and recommendations, the experience will be etched in your memory forever.


Dragon Khan

Regardless of how many years go by and how many new rides and experiences are added to the park, Dragon Khan will always be our most iconic ride.

As those who have already braved our most famous roller coaster can attest to, its 8 loops, 110 km/h top speed and incredible drop will give you the most exhilarating 69 seconds of your life.

It’s an experience that you will remember forever and will allow you to stick out your chest and proudly exclaim… “I’ve ridden Dragon Khan too!”.

Breathe deeply on the way up, and keep your eyes open in the seconds before the drop so that you can take in the magnificent views from the top of the roller coaster. The world’s most ferocious dragon will take you to the sky and beyond!

Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence

From one of PortAventura World’s most legendary rides to a recently opened attraction that is on course to be every bit as popular, we are proud to present… Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence!

This dark ride roller coaster will welcome you to the park with open arms. It is one of Europe’s largest and fastest rides and the only one with an incredible lateral drop! Its corridors are the scene of an action-packed storyline, and its projections will make you feel as if you are part of the adventure. In short, a totally immersive experience is guaranteed.

Hold on tight and don’t try to anticipate any twists or turns that you think may lie ahead. Simply enjoy the surprises that the ride has in store. On this crazy ride, it’s impossible to tell when the next turn will come!

Tutuki Splash: PortAventura’s most refreshing ride

The final attraction that will see you become an authentic adventurer is PortAventura World’s most legendary water ride: Tutuki Splash.

Millions of people have already enjoyed the exhilarating drop from this large volcanic crater, and they all do the same thing: as soon as the ride finishes, they queue up to ride it all over again! Board the ride and let your emotions take over in this incredible aquatic experience.

Put on a rain jacket before you get on. Also, if you can, bring a spare T-shirt to put on at the end of the ride, as the splash at the end is enormous!

Once you’ve experienced PortAventura World’s top 3 rides, you’ll be able to say that you’re a true PortAdventurer. But remember, there are many other rides and shows just waiting to be discovered!


Experience them all during your visit!