Summer is just around the corner, things are hotting up, and we all need something cool and refreshing. And PortAventura World is the ideal place to find it. Not only will you find water rides in PortAventura Park, but there are also the pools and slides of Caribe Aquatic Park.

Do you want to know more about what you can expect to find? Then keep reading. Go on then, what are you waiting for? 😉


PortAventura Park’s water attractions that you really don’t want to miss

In PortAventura Park you will find several areas where you can cool off, such as fountains and stalls where you can buy ice cream; but, without a doubt, the most fun spots are the water attractions, where you will not only feel the adrenaline, but also learn what it means to get really soaked.


Tutuki Splash: cool off in the midst of volcanic fury

The world of Polynesia isn’t as tranquil as it seems. Hidden in the depths of the jungle that only the Indigenous people and the most intrepid adventurers know how to reach, there is a volcano that wants to wake up from its long sleep.

It is in this volcano that you will find Tutuki Splash, one of PortAventura Park’s most famous water rides. Ideal for the hottest days, climb aboard the boat and get ready for a refreshing dip after hearing the roar of the mountain.

The ride features two descents, one small and another one higher, and coming out dry from both is mathematically impossible unless you’re wearing a raincoat.


Grand Canyon Rapids: get wet as the current sweeps you away

Legend has it that once the banks of the Green River were full of gold nuggets. That’s why, along the route, you can see all kinds of mining paraphernalia.

Ever since it was first opened, this attraction has been a summer favourite in PortAventura Park and an essential stop-off for anyone who wants to beat the heat by cooling off in a fun way.

On this attraction, up to nine adventurers can ride a floating tyre down the river and get drenched colliding with currents, passing under a waterfall, or getting hit by water pistols perched along the edges.


Silver River Flume: get soaked as you yell out Timbeerrr!

If you are brave and in search of aquatic excitement, then you definitely have to go on this PortAventura World water ride.

Located near Grand Canyon Rapids in Far West, it is one of the first attractions to open at the resort and has been a refreshing experience for thousands and thousands of adventurers.

It is one of the few attractions that visitors board while it is still moving. It consists of three ascents and three descents, and stands out for its views, since at the highest point there is a great panoramic view of the resort.


Angkor: show off your marksmanship

If you’re walking through China, after the legendary ride Shambhala, you will arrive at Angkor, where you can live the Adventure of the Lost Kingdom. It is a place full of greenery and mysterious temples, where a good aim is crucial to live a refreshing adventure.

This water ride at PortAventura World is a veritable splash battle and consists of a boat ride in which visitors must shoot water at the targets around them.

Also, if you want to get wet and beat the heat, at various points along the route you can challenge other boats and cool off each other by shooting at the rival crew.

So, if you’re not known for your good marksmanship, start practicing. You’ll need it. 😉


If you really want to beat the heat, don’t miss Caribe Aquatic Park

One of PortAventura World’s biggest attractions every summer is the 50,000 square metres of our park set in the Caribbean, with a whole host of swimming pools, slides, and all kinds of water attractions.

It’s designed for all kinds of people and all kinds of emotions. You can relax on one of the sun loungers while you sunbathe, cool off in one of the giant pools, feel the adrenaline rush on the water attractions, or enjoy a delicious ice cream at one of the different stalls.


Where should I head for intense water thrills?

At Caribe Aquatic Park there are all kinds of water attractions to have a fun time, but there are some that stand out for their hefty doses of emotion and adrenaline. The following will provide major thrills:

  • King Khajuna:

    standing at a mighty 31 metres high, this is Europe's tallest water slide. It was inspired by the great wave surfed by Khajuna, a child adopted by dolphins who sailed the seven seas in search of the world's largest wave.

  • El Tifón:

    choose between two routes and launch yourself from 15 metres high. You'll feel like you’re inside a storm.

  • El Torrente:

    these rapids on choppy waters unleash all kinds of emotions. Board a boat with three other adventurers and take on the currents.

  • Barracudas:

    choose the slide you want to go down and descend on a dizzying journey that will really get your heart rate going.

  • Rapid Race:

    compete against five friends or family members as you speed down on top of a toboggan-mat.

  • Ciclón Tropical:

    you will reach unimaginable speeds on this multibump slide of more than 100 metres.

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Do you know which PortAventura World water attractions you’ll head to first?

As you can see, there are many possibilities offered by PortAventura World when it comes to avoiding the heat. In fact, there are so many that the biggest problem you may come across is that you don’t know where to start living this great adventure. 😉

Ready for this summer to be a blast?

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