At PortAventura World, we’ve got everything you need to be able to live out an adventure filled with thrilling and unforgettable moments, from rides that get your adrenaline pumping to the max to jaw-dropping shows. So if you’re wondering what you should bring with you to PortAventura World, we’re here to recommend the essentials for your visit. Because a prepared adventurer is worth twice as much. 😌


A good backpack can be your best friend

An adventurer without a backpack is like a photographer without a camera, someone who’s missing something. If you really are an adventurer (and we know that you are), it’s vital to have a good backpack before asking yourself what you should bring to PortAventura World.

We recommend that you have a lightweight backpack in order to keep all the essentials in – even better if it’s waterproof so that nothing gets wet when you go down Tutuki Splash and the rest of our water rides. 🌊

Ah! And don’t be worried when you go on Dragon Khan and the rest of our roller coasters: we keep a hold of your backpack during these rides so that nothing flies away.

First off, a cap

Even though PortAventura World has lots of shaded space, the sun is one of the resort’s main stars. For this reason, we recommend that you always carry a cap or some other hat with you. As well as making you look a bit more like an adventurer, it will also protect you.

Sun cream, a must-have in the summer

When asking yourself what you should bring to PortAventura World when coming during hot weather, you mustn’t forget sun cream. As summer gets closer, the sun beats down more intensely and, although we do have lots of shaded spots for you to stop in, there are lots of times when you’re going to be getting a tan.

And that’s good, but we don’t want you to burn. 😉

A change of clothes, in case it gets cooler

Yes, yes, you read that right, a change of clothes. In the height of summer it’s typically hot all the time and you’ll dry off quickly, but during the spring or autumn (especially after sunset) it does get a bit colder and, if you’ve been down one of our water rides, you could catch a cold to remember.

And, naturally, we don’t want that to happen.

A waterproof jacket for if you don’t want to be loaded down too much

It’s one thing to be carrying the essentials and another thing altogether to be loaded up like a Sherpa in the Himalayas. If you don’t want to be weighed down with spare clothes and you also don’t want to get wet, but you want to experience the adrenaline of our water rides, bring a waterproof jacket with you.

It takes up less space and you’ll be lighter.

Sunglasses to provide a bit more protection

Although protecting yourself from the sun can be a bit annoying, it does give you a bit more of an adventurer’s look. That’s because, as well as wearing a cap or a hat, you can also wear sunglasses. A useful accessory that, as well as making you look more like an adventurer, protects you from the sun.

Combine that with a good outfit and you’ll look just like an explorer from the movies.

Tissues solve issues

When thinking about what to bring to PortAventura World, it’s easier to remember a packet of tissues in winter. In the summer, we tend to forget them. And they’re super practical, especially if you’re visiting with small children. After eating or having an ice cream, when they put their hands everywhere they’re not supposed to…

They can get you out of trouble more than once and they take up very little space.

A fully-charged phone

Visiting PortAventura World is synonymous with emotion, but also big moments. If you want to capture a load of memories, we recommend coming with your phone fully-charged. The fact is, on top of taking photos and videos, it’s quite likely that you’ll want to share them on your socials.

And that can mean a lot of stories… 😉

Comfortable, well-fastened footwear

Okay, this isn’t something you’re going to keep in your backpack, but it’s really important to consider when asking yourself what to bring to PortAventura World. Ultimately, coming to the resort means walking a lot and going on rides that, if you’re wearing flip-flops, will end up with you walking away bare-footed.

If you know what to bring to PortAventura World but you’re missing something, you’ve also got our shops

In PortAventura World, we’re aware that sometimes you just need something. Because of this, we’ve got all sorts of shops so that, as well as getting a good souvenir of your visit, you can find something that you might need. So, if you come and visit but you’re missing something, you can be sure that we have it!😉


Got everything ready?
We’ll see you there!