PortAventura World opens its doors for yet another year in the only way we know how: by surprising you! From 8 April, we want you to get excited, explore and, above all, have fun. We want this year to be more awesome than ever before.

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Easter Celebration: a basket of goodies in PortAventura World this 2022

We like to start big because that’s how we think things should be done. That’s why we’re starting the new season with Easter Celebration from 8 April to 8 May, which includes a Guinness World Records record-breaker!

This is just one of the new additions for this year. For the first time in our history we are celebrating spring and we wanted to do it in a very special way. For this reason, we have prepared all kinds of experiences for this Easter Celebration. Take a photo in front of the world’s largest decorated Easter Egg, certified by the Guinness World Records organisation, watch the street entertainment provided by our dancers, and enjoy many other experiences that you can discover here.

In addition, for the days prior to the opening of the resort, we have prepared an online surprise in which you can win awesome prizes.

The name of this surprise is #ScoutAventura, a game that can be played between 5 and 14 April and consists of finding the six hidden eggs on the PortAventura World website.


Enjoy a basket filled with the best attractions

One of the biggest attractions of PortAventura World is undoubtedly its rides, capable of stirring up all kinds of emotions and designed to make sure there’s something for everyone.

There are rides for the most daring and also for those who prefer a calmer experience. There are attractions for the little ones, and also for the whole family. There are rides that recreate specific experiences and there are rides that will send your adrenaline levels sky-high. The variety is enormous.

In addition, each one has its own story and protagonists, so you can feel like an intrepid movie adventurer.

It will be awesome to be part of the audience

Shows are another of PortAventura World’s great attractions. Each world has its own shows, taking you even deeper into your adventure.

Just wait and see. You’ll be amazed by the incredible sets and technical layout of the Gran Teatro Imperial, you’ll laugh like a child at the funny Far West shows, and you’ll be moved by the simplicity and beauty of Aves del Paraíso, among many others.

On our website you can find all the schedules so that you can choose the ones that interest you the most and plan your best route. 😉

First, you eat with your eyes!

Eating well is essential when it comes to taking a break and topping up energy levels.  And since you definitely have to eat, it’s better to eat something you like, don’t you think?

That’s why, throughout all the worlds, we have different food outlets where you can satisfy your appetite with whatever takes your fancy. There’s everything from stalls selling juices and fruit, ice creams, coffees or sandwiches, to à la carte restaurants.

Of course, if you’re one of those people who really likes to become immersed in their surroundings, you should know that we have all kinds of traditional dishes from our worlds. We take care of all the finer details, and that’s what makes us awesome.

Our hotels are the best

They are so awesome that in addition to being luxurious, they are themed with all kinds of details and most of them are directly connected to the parks, although those that aren’t are still less than 10 minutes away. They couldn’t be any closer.

Also, if you stay in any of them, you can get all kinds of benefits such as tickets included, free parking, and discounts for the different Express Passes that we offer. Is that awesome or what?

If we seem a touch overexcited, it’s because seeing you again is awesome

We love that you come to see us and that you want to experience the new additions in PortAventura World for 2022. For this reason, we want you to live the best experiences, be whoever you want to be, and unleash your desire to have fun.

This year will be awesome for many reasons, but, above all, it will be awesome because of everything that lies ahead.

Are you coming? We’ll make sure you have an awesome time 😉

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