The Easter holidays are just around the corner and it just so happens that they coincide with the start of PortAventura World’s new season. Since the resort is designed in such a way that anyone can have great adventures, we present below a series of plans and activities to do with the kids this Easter so that they will have a great time and exciting experiences.

Easter Celebration: join us and celebrate Easter at PortAventura World!

A visit to PortAventura is the perfect way to spend time with the children at Easter! For the first time ever, and as a brand new addition for 2022, this year we’re going to celebrate spring at PortAventura World. It will take place between 8 April and 8 May and it will be amazing. So amazing, in fact, that before we even open the gates for this season, we have already prepared a surprise that you will love. And the little ones will too!

On 5 April we will play with #ScoutAventura. You need to look for the six eggs hidden on the PortAventura World website and click on them for a great reward.

Do you want to know what’s coming from 8 April? Then read on. 😉

The world’s largest decorated Easter Egg

If you’ve never seen a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSâ„¢ title-breaker, now you can bring your little adventurers to see one in real life at the entrance to PortAventura Park.
You can take a family photo in front of the giant egg created for this occasion and located in Mediterrània. If you want, you can also share this moment on social media with the hashtags #PortAventura and #EasterCelebration.

We’ve put up decorations in SésamoAventura

Another advantage of visiting PortAventura at Easter is that we decorate some areas of the park especially for this event. This year it’s the turn of SésamoAventura! Inside PortAventura Park there is an adventurous world where the family’s youngest members can meet Grover, Bert, Ernie, Elmo, and the rest of their favourite characters. In addition, during the Easter Celebration, this world will be themed for the occasion.

Come and enjoy the Easter decorations and have fun as a family on the attractions in this fantastic world where the little ones can feel all kinds of emotions and awaken their adventurous spirit.

Without a doubt, a trip here will make memories that they will never forget.

Enjoy our street show

Throughout the Easter Celebration, there will be street entertainment that will travel through some of the streets of PortAventura Park. A dynamic, joyful, fun, and surprising dance show for the whole family. If you see it, make sure you stop and watch!

Semana Santa_en_PortAventura

Other things to do with children during Easter at PortAventura World

Whilst you’re having a great time during the Easter Celebration, you can explore the rest of PortAventura World in search of other family experiences.

Explore the worlds

Visiting PortAventura World is a unique opportunity for the little ones to awaken their adventurous spirit. Each and every world faithfully recreates a specific area of our planet.

As soon as you enter, they will discover the most authentic Mediterranean culture. In Far West, they can find out what it means to be a real cowboy or cowgirl and learn how to yell Yee-haw!  In China, they will feel like little shaolin warriors. In Polynesia, they will know what a true explorer feels like. And in México, they will be able to delve into the Aztec culture.

Not forgetting the Ferrari Land park, where the petrolheads will be enthralled and will have the chance to feel like real racing car drivers.

SemanaSanta en PortAventura World

Enjoy the shows

One of the best things you can do if you visit PortAventura World at Easter is to enjoy our shows! Designed with all audiences in mind, you’re sure to have a great time. They are also a good way to have fun and, at the same time, take a break.

Some of the most popular among children are:

  • Let’s Dance, the SésamoAventura show where the little ones can dance with the Sesame Street® characters.
  • Cuidemos el Planeta, a SésamoAventura show in which, in addition to having fun, they will learn the importance of recycling and a sustainable world.
  • Aves del Paraíso, a show that will not only leave them astounded by the incredible birds, but will also teach the children some interesting facts about them.
  • PortAventura Parade, a musical procession where the PortAventura Park characters and artists will do their best to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • New for 2022: Destination Dance. China’s Gran Teatro Imperial dresses up for a dance show full of music, rhythm and colours.
Semana Santa PortAventura World

Have a photo with Woody, Elmo, and friends

If there is something that the little ones will definitely enjoy, it’s meeting their favourite characters. They will be walking around the park, always happy to have a photo so that the children can take home a memory that will last forever.

Make sure you ask for one and give yourself a lovely souvenir.

Semana Santa PortAventura World

Dine out as a family

Eating is very important, but in the case of children, it is sometimes complicated because they don’t like certain foods or they may have some kind of intolerance. Luckily, at PortAventura World we cater for all options and we have all kinds of restaurants with children’s menus especially for the little ones.

As if that weren’t enough, we also have kiosks with dishes that they will never say no to, healthier choices like fruit and juices, and the typical treats, such as sweets or ice creams.

Zip down the slides

Slides and children go hand in hand. They love them! At PortAventura World we know this and that’s why we have areas where they can slide to their heart’s content.

One is in SésamoAventura and is designed for all ages. There is even an exclusive area with doors and slides that are much more accessible for the little ones.

The other is in China and it’s a big circuit that simulates the body of a dragon. Here, both small and older children can go down the different ramps that come out from the sides of the animal.

Have fun on the rides!

Some people are worried that when they visit PortAventura World the little ones won’t be able to ride the attractions, but as we explain in this article, there is a long list of possibilities so that they can also enjoy intense excitement, regardless of their age.


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