Every year, at PortAventura World we try to surprise you with something that will drive you crazy and really give you the Wow! factor. Our intention is that, each time you return, you will have a better experience and that your adventure will be completely different from the previous one.

For this reason, 2023 will be the year with the newest additions since the grand opening of Ferrari Land in 2017. We have already given you one spoiler in the article title, but we recommend that you continue reading, because there is so much more. πŸ˜‰


We celebrate Carnival for the first time ever. And there’s more!

In 2023, PortAventura World will open for its longest season in history and we wanted to kick off with a brand new experience. So, starting on 17 February, we will celebrate Carnival every weekend in February and March.

At the Resort, we’re big fans of this time of year and we wanted to extend the celebrations for as long as possible. For this reason, and because we love to dress up, we wanted to organise a unique and longer Carnival.

At the moment, we can’t tell you too much, but what we can say is that we will decorate some of our worlds for the occasion, we will take inspiration from the world’s most famous carnivals, and we will offer you an extensive schedule of shows and parades never seen before in the Resort. On these days of celebration you will find floats, batucadas, troupe parades, and street entertainment to complete the PortAventura World experience.

However, it won’t be the only new feature for 2023, since, throughout the year, we have prepared several surprises that we will reveal to you when the time is right. 😎


Sustainability and digitalisation, pillars of the coming year

We have always made a firm commitment to sustainability and in 2023 we will do so even more with the launch of the largest photovoltaic self-consumption plant in a holiday resort in Spain: PortAventura Solar. With this project, announced last August, we will cover a third of the Resort’s energy needs, demonstrating that fun and responsibility can go hand in hand.

In addition, we will continue to promote digital and innovation projects to offer you a better experience within the Resort. We want you to be able to experience PortAventura World much more and in the best possible way.


We’re launching a new ride!

If you’re an adventurer who follows all our news, you’ll know that a few months ago we started works to build a new ride. The news caused a great stir and, since then, expectations have gone through the roof.

At the moment, we can’t tell you much more, but what we can tell you is that the works are progressing well, that it’s going to be a completely different experience, and that we will soon bring you more news about it. πŸ˜„


If you want to live new adventures in 2023, then take hold of this opportunity

As you can see, next year is going to be full of new additions and surprises. And this is just a preview! Over the coming weeks and months we will tell you more, because the ideas and projects at PortAventura World never stop. So if you want to fill the new year with adventures, we recommend that you take advantage of our Black Week offers.


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