PortAventura World San Valentín

You may not know it yet, but our parks also have their romantic side. Today we want to unveil it and show you all the romantic moments that you can enjoy as a couple at PortAventura World. Let’s begin!

Original plans for a couple’s weekend

1. A weekend in PortAventura

Spending a weekend at the PortAventura theme park may be the best way to escape from routine. Enjoy yourself as you walk through the different areas of the park, feel the adrenaline of the attractions, see the best shows… And of course, if you’re looking for a completely romantic weekend, you can have that as well!

Dinner in Italy

If there is one thing that truly characterises Italy, it is how romantic it can be. How many movies have we seen that are set in this beautiful country? Some of the greatest and most famous cinematic love stories take place in Italy: Roman Holiday, La Dolce Vita, Letters to Juliet… All with the distinctive ambience that we love so much.

Now you too can enjoy an Italian movie dinner full of romance at Ristorante Cavallino, Ferrari Land’s Italian trattoria where you can savour traditional cuisine and the best company. Sounds good, right?

A mini-moon in the Caribbean

A trip to the Caribbean is another perfect romantic option for couples. Who hasn’t dreamed of travelling to the Caribbean for a summer with their partner? At Caribe Aquatic Park we offer you a small taste of the honeymoon that you have dreamed of so much on Bahama Beach. The white sand beach and the relaxation area will transport you to a dreamy time and place.

Enjoy a relaxing dip, read a book on the sun lounger, share a refreshing drink in one of the restaurants… This will be just your moment, feeling like you’re the only two people in the world. Because if you can’t go to the Caribbean, the Caribbean will come to you at Caribe Aquatic Park.

An unforgettable sunset

There are moments that remain etched in our memory. Moments in which we enjoy ourselves completely and just let go. At PortAventura World, we are experts in making them come true, because we have found all the ingredients needed to create the best memories. You just have to bring the company.

One of our favourite ingredients, and also one of the most romantic, is watching the sunset over the Mediterrània bridge when the sun is going down, and turns the landscape into a classic postcard picture. A must-see for all visiting couples.

Enjoy a night in a suite

Sometimes you have to treat yourself and live life to the fullest. Because you deserve it and because there are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. And what could be better than being able to end your day at PortAventura World in a suite with all manner of comforts?

We offer you an unbeatable option. A suite that, from now on, you will always compare to all the hotels you have stayed in: Suite Lucy, with a large bed, living room with television, 5-star services… Could you ask for more? The 5-star Hotel Mansión de Lucy is the perfect place to spend a weekend that neither you nor your partner will ever forget.

Enter the world of Victorian luxury and spend a romantic stay in the suite of your dreams.

2. Discover the Costa Dorada

Another of our recommendations, if you want to spend a completely different weekend with your partner, is to travel and discover the secrets of the Costa Dorada.

PortAventura has the privilege of being in an idyllic Mediterranean setting, the Costa Dorada, with some charming towns nearby, such as Cambrils and Salou, or the beautiful Roman city of Tarragona. That’s why you should take the opportunity to explore the park’s surrounding areas and visit some of the treasures that we propose:

  • Cala Crancs, Salou: a small crystalline beach that will capture your heart. Take goggles and a snorkel because great surprises are waiting for you beneath the surface.
  • Roman amphitheatre, Tarragona: Tarragona was an ancient Roman city and that’s why you can discover places that are World Heritage Sites, like this one.
  • La Vila, Cambrils: the old quarter of this charming town hides great secrets, such as its wall, the Mare de Déu del Camí Hermitage, and the Plaça del Setge.
  • Camino de Ronda, Salou: a winding coastal path that passes through the coves and beaches to the lighthouse at Cabo de Salou.


3. A spa and massage session with your partner

A spot of relaxation always does you good. That’s why a spa and massage session with your partner can be a good way to enjoy a different kind of weekend with the person you love the most.

Staying at home and watching a movie can be okay but it is a little bit mundane, so if what you need is peace, the best way to find it is in a spa with a good massage.


And you, what do you think are the most romantic plans?

We’re sure you can tell us about thousands of moments that you have spent with your partner in restaurants, different parts of the world, hotels, cities… And you know, if you need a little romance, you can count on PortAventura to provide these special moments. It’s always a good time to break away from routine and experience a completely unique weekend with us!

In the PortAventura promotions section, you will also find various offers that may come in handy when planning a romantic weekend getaway or  finding the ideal time to spend a few days in our parks. Any time is a good time to enjoy the authentic PortAventurera experience!