Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, a day to reclaim the role of women in our society and promote equal rights.

There are many women who play a crucial role at PortAventura World: without their hard work, talent, and involvement, none of what we do would be possible!

So, today we want to pay tribute to all of them, by introducing you to the most incredible female characters in our park. Keep reading to find out more and come and visit them all as soon as possible.

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They are the stars of our story!


The Carnival Queen

Carnival season sees the arrival of the true dancing queen to PortAventura World. With a smile always on her face, she is a dancer with many years of experience who fills the stage with all her light and passion. And she makes every single second an unforgettable moment!

She masters countless steps and loves to discover new samba schools where she can learn and indulge in her greatest passion.

What are you waiting for? Join us and move in time to her best dance routines!

In SésamoAventura there is a small pink house that attracts the attention of everyone who passes by. Do you know why? Obviously because it’s so beautiful, but also because it is home to one of the world’s most incredible fairies: Abby Cadabby.

She speaks dragonfly, the language of fairies, and she always has time to take a photo with all the little ones, and the not-so-little ones, who visit her home.

She loves to fly and fill every corner with magic as she casts her best spells. So make a wish and she’ll make it come true!



Since we love to go from one extreme to the other at PortAventura World, let’s now talk about Catrina! Unlike Abby, Catrina is one of PortAventura World’s most spine-chilling ladies.

She is the protagonist of the La Muerte Viva passage, where you can take a walk through her incredible Mexican hacienda. Don’t be afraid, behind her creepy appearance hides a heart as big as her love of visitors!


The Exorcist Girl

Without a doubt, she is one of our resort’s most popular stars. Who could forget the viral video of her singing “La Rosalía”? And her sense of humour is out of this world!

Look for her in the park, meet her in person and take a photo or record a video with her. You will get more likes than ever before!

This is only a brief account of the women who make up PortAventura World, but there are so many more!