PortAventura World’s roller coasters are one of the Resort’s greatest attractions, but they’re not the only rides that can make your heart race and shake up your emotions.

Adrenaline can be triggered in many ways and one of them is falling from a great height. And that’s why we have Hurakan Condor. For this reason, and also because we want you to have as many experiences as possible when you visit us.

Do you want to know more about this ride? Well, keep reading and discover all the interesting facts we have to tell you. 😉


A temple fuelled by pure adrenaline

Hurakan Condor was the star attraction of 2005, as its opening coincided with the park’s tenth anniversary.

In a space that recreates an ancient temple in ruins, a priest invokes the god Huracan, who will unleash all his fury to awaken the adventurers’ adrenaline and let them feel what it’s like to come face-to-face with the strength of an ancient divinity.

The ride is inspired by ancient sacrificial rituals in which the god of wind and storms was worshipped. That’s why, when plunging downwards, you can experience the sensation of being suspended in the air while descending at full speed.

In addition, the temple theming has all kinds of details, such as Mayan figures, climbing plants, and statues hanging among the vegetation.


A ride designed so that the only thing that doesn’t go down is your heart rate

On Hurakan Condor, it’s hard to know what you’re in for until you climb aboard. Although, if it’s not your first time, it’s also difficult not to get carried away by the emotions of the moment. 😉

The ritual route begins with a slow ascent in one of its five gondolas. It’s a time for expectations because, as the attraction is themed and riders start from the bottom of a hole, you can see practically nothing until reaching an already considerable height of 24 metres.

At that moment, everything changes. Expectations turn to surprise as it rises to a dizzying height of more than 100 metres. From there you can enjoy views of the park and the surroundings, although not for long. When you least expect it, the free fall will begin.

Over 86 metres and in less than three seconds, you will reach a speed of 115 km/h and even be able to experience airtime (the sensation of being lifted from the seat).

It is difficult to describe everything that you can feel during the descent, so it’s best that you come and see for yourself. What we can assure you is that, when you come back down to earth, your heart rate will still be sky high.


Choose how you want to fall

Each time that you get on Hurakan Condor you can experience a different sensation on the different types of gondolas. At PortAventura World we want each adventure to be a special experience and, in this case, it could not be anything else.

There are three types of gondolas and you will experience each of them in different ways, as they are all designed differently. Two of the gondolas (1 and 2) are the conventional seated type, which are the most typical in free fall rides. Another gondola is also a seated type, but when it reaches the top it tilts about 15 degrees forward (number 5). And the rest are stand-up type: you’re standing and when they get to the top, they tilt about 15 degrees forward (3 and 4).

Of course, in all of them you can experience the phenomenon of airtime.


Do you want to enjoy the views from Hurakan Condor? Then visit us!

If you’re a fan of good views, extreme adrenaline and our México, you can’t miss Hurakan Condor. It is PortAventura Park’s tallest attraction and on it you will feel all kinds of sensations, from butterflies in the stomach before going up to the fascination when glimpsing beyond the horizon, as well as the adrenaline when hurtling downwards at full speed.


The god Huracan is waiting for you.

Dare to face his fury.