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Discover all the shows and passages of terror that you simply can’t miss during Halloween 2021

The scariest celebrations of the year can also be the most fun. From 18 September, PortAventura World is tinged with mystery and becomes a place as dark as it is incredible, to celebrate Halloween. With shows and special attractions for both adults and the whole family, this Halloween 2021 everyone is welcome; even vampires, ghosts, and zombies.


Halloween only for the brave!

To access these special attractions, in addition to the height, there is another requirement: to be brave. If you have the guts, go ahead and live these terrifyingly incredible experiences that you will want to repeat again and again … Or maybe not!

Not afraid of anything? Then we recommend these passages of terror, but remember... you have been warned of what lies ahead.

What shows are waiting for you this Halloween 2021 at PortAventura World?

REC Experience

Rec Experience

Monsters, infected characters, laser effects and giant screens will make you feel like you’re actually inside the famous REC® saga. You will soon realise that there’s a big difference between seeing a horror movie and being in one. And that, in real life, fear is not something to be taken lightly!


La Isla Maldita

isla maldita shows

A ghost pirate ship lies shipwrecked and a raging storm has been unleashed, the only thing you can do to survive on this island is run away from it! A word of advice: don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes because you will have to cover a distance of 1 km trying to avoid pirates and shipwrecked people, whose only objective is to make sure that you don’t leave.

What happens on the island, stays on the island!

Explore La Isla Maldita from inside


La Muerte Viva

muerte viva shows

According to Mexican tradition, Day of the Dead is the day when the deceased return to earth to visit their loved ones, who await them with offerings ready to enjoy a special night. But, what happens if you don’t prepare for their return? Find out in PortAventura’s new passage of terror, where the owner of a Mexican hacienda refuses to celebrate this tradition, unaware that her decision will turn her into one of the living dead! We’ve all heard of Day of the Dead, but not all of us know what the dead are capable of doing. Do you want to know more about the story behind the main character?

“I'm definitely brave, but not ready for anything too extreme.” Don't worry! In PortAventura Park there are passages of terror for every fear level. If you're looking for a good scare, but want to sleep peacefully at night, we recommend these nightly Halloween shows.

Apocalipsis Maya

Apocalipsis Maya

Some explorers have provoked the wrath of the gods and now it’s your turn to go on a journey through a haunted jungle in which you will have to escape from spirits and mummies. But be careful. If you meet the Mayan god, run like never before. And if you come across the explorers who never made it out and were turned into zombies, then keep on running! You already know what your fate will be if you can’t escape.


Horror in Texas

Horror in Texas

The Far West sheriff went to investigate mysterious goings-on in Penitence cemetery and has not been seen since…until tonight. Watch your back because it seems that he is now one of the undead and has gathered together all the souls in pain ready to take yours. Can you escape the Far West?


For the whole family

Even scaredy cats can have a great time at PortAventura World. They can meet their favourite characters, such as Shrek and Oscar the Grouch, and be amazed by special shows full of mystery and action. Halloween is just as fun for the little ones in the family; they won’t die of fright, they’ll just die laughing.


Bang Bang Halloween

Bang Bang Halloween

Dust, bullets, cannons, explosions and many shots fired, in a show of acrobatics performed by real action specialists. In the Far West, peace is a thing of the past. Now, vampires, and even Dracula himself, are in charge of everything. Will the acrobatics of a small group of soldiers and an apprentice vampire be able to defend the city?


Halloween Forever

Halloween Forever

A show that invokes souls and takes away their pain, with amazing dance routines and music so catchy that even the dead will want to dance. Dancers, singers, acrobats and an incredible set make this show an experience from beyond. Come and rattle your bones on this Halloween that you will remember forever.


Cuidemos el Planeta

Cuidemos el planeta

There’s nothing scarier than the future of our planet. That’s why the new SésamoAventura show is dedicated to raising awareness about the responsible use of resources and the vital importance of recycling. Accompanied by Oscar the Grouch and other SésamoAventura friends, little ones will learn the importance of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. An educational show that is entertaining and, at the same time, teaches the values ​​of a sustainable world.



Meet & Greet Shrek

Meet Shrek

A musical with live singers where you will meet the stars of the famous DreamWorks movie: Shrek and Fiona will make sure you enjoy this live show like no other.


These are the shows and passages of terror for Halloween 2021 at PortAventura World! From 18 September to 14 November, experience all the adrenaline, terror and mystery of PortAventura World’s most enigmatic nights. We know you want to get in, but … can you get out?