Polynesia is a large cluster of more than a thousand islands in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the world’s most cherished destinations, such as Hawaii and New Zealand, form part of this island group. They represent the perfect place to unwind, disconnect and enjoy a wonderful climate and unique way of life.

We at PortAventura World offer our visitors access to a special slice of these thousand-plus islands in one of the theme areas in our park, where they can enjoy thrilling rides such as Tutuki Splash and learn more about the different Polynesian cultures through a series of shows that harness the true essence of these islands.

Keep reading to learn all about these authentic shows. They’re only performed in the summer, so don’t miss your chance to attend!


Pareos en Bora Bora

If you have a passion for fashion and want to learn how the Polynesian natives dress (and used to dress), this is the show for you. Pareos en Bora Bora is performed in the Bora Bora restaurant, right next to the Tutuki Splash volcano.

During this fascinating 15-minute show, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal whilst admiring the ancestral attire of Polynesian warriors and seeing how they turn a simple sarong into a wide range of different garments, just as the natives do back home.

Enjoy the show with your family and friends as you savour some of the most quintessential delicacies of this island group.


Aloha Tahití

The fun and fascinating Aloha Tahití show runs four times a day at the Polynesian Show Amphitheatre, with each performance lasting 25 minutes.

In this open-air festival of colour and traditional music, indigenous dancers perform traditional routines in a unique setting. Only true adventurers have ever seen the traditional choreographies of the Pacific Ocean with their own eyes. We’re sure that the dramatic twists and turns of the dancers, combined with the fascinating stories that they tell, will mark a real turning point in your understanding of their culture.

Follow their movements closely to decipher the story they’re trying to tell you and move to the music as if you were one of them!


Aves del paraíso

In this high-flying show, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about some of the world’s most exotic birds and appreciate their beauty up close. You’ll come face-to-face with parrots, macaws and many other magnificent species, and will learn interesting facts about their origins, customs and habitats.

Not only will you be able to admire them from up close, but you’ll also be able to marvel at the sight of them cutting through the skies in a truly spectacular and enjoyable performance.

It’s the perfect show to enjoy with your friends and family!


Noches de fuego en Tahití

As night falls on a Polynesian beach, indigenous warriors suddenly light up their torches and start dancing in an attempt to awaken their ancestral spirits. Their movements, which are enchanting and entertaining in equal measure, stir something deep inside you as you listen to music and sounds that your ears have never heard before.

Noches de Fuego en Tahití, one of our largest-scale shows, is packed with fire, juggling and pure adrenaline. It’s a performance that is sure to live long in the memory.


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Polynesian culture and experience unforgettable moments with your friends and family.
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