Aloha Tahití

On the small beach in Polynesia a Polynesian ritual is held to invoke the gods. Will you be there?

Type of Show​: Dance

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
Aloha Tahití

The islands of Polynesia are known for their beauty, beaches, dances and air of paradise. One of the most admired shows in PortAventura Park’s Polynesia is Aloha Tahití. Make sure you pay close attention and don’t miss out on any of the intricate details!

You are walking through the thick vegetation of its virgin jungles, when you finally step on the fine white sand of a beach in Tahiti. You come across the native Polynesians, who are preparing for an ancient ritual in which they invoke the gods to bring them peace and prosperity. Take a seat in the theatre and be amazed by the Polynesian ethnic dance show.

A few words of advice: if somebody invites you to the party, don’t hesitate to join in. Get acquainted with one of PortAventura Park’s most exotic and popular shows!

You will see incredible brightly-coloured outfits originating from the islands and skirts flowing with the movement of the typical ancestral ritual dance, which follows the rhythm of the kaina porentia music. All of this, added to an idyllic location, will make this a charming and unforgettable evening.

You will have a great time at Aloha Tahití, one of the shows in Polynesia with the most rhythm and joy, represented by dancers from the South Seas.

If your favourite PortAventura Park theme area is Polynesia, then discover all of the shows we have to offer. In Polynesia, you will find the educational Aves del Paraíso, where you can meet multiple species and discover their secrets. You can also take a break and learn how to wear a beach sarong in many different ways with Pareos en Bora Bora. Both of these shows will transport you directly to the Polynesian paradise.

Discover the jungles and the indigenous culture of Polynesia in PortAventura Park!

Times: 12:00 – 17:45 – 20:00

Until: 07/09/2019
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