Information available from 2018

PortAventura Parade

Finish an excitement-filled day at PortAventura World accompanying your favourite characters on a parade filled with carriages.

PortAventura Parade

Just picture the scene, you've squeezed out a last few minutes of adrenaline on the rides before the end of your day in PortAventura, you’ve sung along with songs in the shows and you've tried the different foods in our worlds...

Now you’re making your way towards the exit with your friends, reminiscing about your favourite parts of the day and as you approach Mediterrània you notice music in the air… that’s right, the fun isn’t over yet! The main avenue of the PortAventura Park fishing village will be filled with floats, colours, music and our entire cast of artists accompanied by the park mascots: Woody, Bert, Ernie, Grover… A parade to put the finishing touch to a day filled with excitement.

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