Adventure lovers remember their trip to PortAventura World for many different reasons, primarily for its wide range of different rides and rollercoasters. This is because any trip to its parks is synonymous with a rush of adrenaline and intense emotions.

One of PortAventura Park’s most exciting attractions is Stampida, which is located in the Far West area. Today’s post is going to focus specifically on this special ride. Would you like to know what makes it such a special roller coaster? Keep reading to find out! 😉


Stampida, where finishing first depends on the colour you choose

The story behind PortAventura World’s Stampida is somewhat unusual. Two years after PortAventura Park first opened its gates, the Connery and Cranberry families – the founders of Penitence – decided to build a roller coaster in the Far West area. However, when their plan was first set out, no one imagined that they would create a race track for their constant duels, nor that they would invite visitors to the park to ride the trains.

But they achieved much more than just this, going above and beyond to create a truly blistering experience. One kilometre of high-speed climbs and descents, where the dust clouds rise behind you and it’s impossible to resist the urge to shout “yee-haw!” into the skies.

Finishing first depends on the colour you choose. As soon as you reach the queue, you’ll need to choose whether you want to ride the red train or the blue train. If you’re one of those people who hates losing at just about anything, we recommend making the right choice… because only one train can finish first!

The important thing is not the result, but feeling the thrill

Do you know the best thing about PortAventura World’s Stampida? Well, even if you don’t come first, the emotions will be so strong that you’ll want to ride it over and over again.

And not without reason, as there are several points along the track where the train’s speed exceeds 70 km/h. This, together with the various rises and falls, the high-speed bends and the rattling wooden tracks, make for a thrilling experience.

Besides all of that, the course is really cool! At the start of the ride, the red and blue trains follow the same course. Then, after the first drop (of more than 25 metres!) as the trains come out of a tunnel, they go their separate ways. They go on to cross paths at various points throughout the ride, so don’t forget to wave to the passengers on the other train as you go hurtling by!

The two trains then run neck-and-neck until the very end of the ride, where the winning train will be decided by a matter of millimetres.

Interesting facts

74 km/h
Stampida can reach a top speed of 74 km/h.
25,6 m
Stampida’s highest peak is 25.6 metres, and the track runs for a total of 953.1 metres.

Tomahawk, PortAventura World’s ‘small Stampida’

Stampida isn’t PortAventura World’s only roller coaster with these characteristics. There’s also Tomahawk – Stampida’s younger sibling – which was inaugurated in the same year, giving your little ones the chance to feel the same rush of emotions.

The course begins with a 180-degree curve that climbs to 14 metres before descending at breakneck speed.

This ride goes up, down, up and down again without stopping. Its route ends up intertwining with Stampida, giving your brave adventurers the chance to wave to the passengers on the main ride.

Do you want to experience Stampida and the other attractions at PortAventura World?

PortAventura World’s Stampida is one of the most adrenaline-pumping rides anywhere in the Resort. Its rattling tracks, hurtling speeds and high altitudes, added to the sheer thrill of finishing first, make this a must-do experience in PortAventura Parks Far West area.


If you’re seeking a thrill,

come and ride Stampida