Christmas is the season to share your time and do it with your family. Many of you will travel from afar to see each other, so we want to leave you some tips to have the perfect reunion and enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

Enjoy every minute!

How long has it been since you last saw your cousins? Or your granny? Surely longer than necessary … so try to make the most of every moment you spend together. And remember, always follow the safety recommendations! Christmas is much more enjoyable when we share it with others.

If you come to PortAventura we recommend you plan the day a little bit so that everyone can have a wonderful time. You will find attractions and shows for all ages!

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Tell anecdotes and stories

One of the most fun things about these gatherings is to talk about everything that has happened to us during the year or to remember that anecdote so good that it always makes you all laugh. Remember that older people always have great stories, listen to them and you will learn a lot.

And if you want to experience exceptional stories, we recommend that you come and discover PortAventura’s Christmas shows. You can enjoy everything from musicals to legends of the Far West!

Gifts are not the most important part

Remember that the best thing about Christmas is the emotions that you are going to experience, and that the gifts are secondary. The effort you have made to think about what your family and friends might like is more than enough.

We recommend that, if you are going to give a gift, your best option is to give experiences. They will be remembered forever and the whole family can take part. Tickets to the park are ideal, they will be the perfect excuse for us to see you again!

Create a soundtrack

If Christmas were a movie, what songs would be played? There has to be plenty of typical Christmas carols, otherwise it wouldn’t be Christmas!

We’ve already put together our selection and it will be played throughout the park. It will be the extra touch that brings the decorations to life. Don’t miss it!

Make the most of the opportunity to take photos

Take lots of photos of the family gathering. Not only to post on social media, but to have a lovely memory of these days. Whenever you want to relive it, you will be able to look at them and they will surely make you smile.

In PortAventura you will find lots of selfie points, either in front of our tree or in any of the streets. There are decorations everywhere!

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And most importantly: enjoy!

This is the last and best piece of advice we can give you to really enjoy Christmas. And trust us, we are Christmas experts! Or have you not seen everything we have prepared? We encourage you to discover it and have your Christmas reunion at PortAventura World.