Do you remember your first PortAventura World Christmas? It’s hard to forget, right? Now visualise that same memory and add even more emotions to it. That’s how Christmas will be this year! And if you’ve never visited us during this time of year, get ready, because you can’t even begin to imagine all the Christmas shows that we have prepared for you this year at PortAventura.

Christmas at PortAventura activities and shows

Bubble Magic Christmas

Anything is possible at this time of year. Even the most complicated bubbles you can imagine. Come and see them in this show that is guaranteed to leave you speechless.

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Navidad 1

Discover the secret hidden in El Bosque Encantado

The next Christmas show at PortAventura is El Bosque Encantado! Legend says that in México’s hidden forest there is a path that leads to the house of Santa Claus… Don’t miss this special experience in a magical world.

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We all have a place at SésamoAventura

The SésamoAventura area is a factory of good memories. Can you imagine how special it will be for the little ones to see it at Christmas? All the characters have already dressed up in their best clothes to welcome them with very special shows.

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Journey to the North Pole with Chilly Willy

Christmas is the time to get together with the family and Chilly Willy the penguin is already one of us. So we are all on our way to visit him in his ice village. Will you come too?

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Acrobatics in Christmas World

Is it possible to make toys in the middle of an acrobatics show? Yes, it is! And if you don’t believe it, Santa Claus and his helpers are waiting for you at China’s Gran Teatro Imperial. Amazing!

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Llega la Navidad 4

Save Christmas in Bang Christmas!

In this PortAventura Christmas show, naughty Billy threatens to ruin Christmas and plans to steal all the children’s letters. Will Santa Claus and his soldiers be able to prevent this tragedy? Don’t miss this Christmas western!

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Welcome to Christmas Time

Christmas is also a time to try new things. Have you ever spent Christmas in the Far West? Come and soak up the spirit of a true American Christmas in Christmas Time.

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In SésamoAventura we also recycle

At this time of year, it is still important to focus on sustainability, which is why we have prepared Cuidemos el Planeta, a show that teaches the importance of the 3Rs.

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Come and meet Shrek

Dreams really can come true. Come and see for yourself if you don’t believe us. If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting Shrek and Fiona, now’s your chance in this musical show performed on stage in the México area!

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Aves del Paraíso

Christmas is dressed in a thousand colours in this show in which you can see parrots, macaws, and other exotic birds. Sounds fun, right?

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And for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve…

You also have plans on these dates, because the magic of PortAventura World does not stop on the most exciting nights of the year. The whole family can stay in our hotels and celebrate a Christmas Eve as warm and special as it would be in your own home.

And for New Year’s Eve, we have prepared a gala dinner, with a show and party, to give the year the farewell it deserves. Could you ask for more? Book now!

These are all the shows you can see in PortAventura during the Christmas season. We hope to live up to your best memories. And for those who are visiting us for the first time in this wonderful season, we hope it is the beginning of a magical tradition. You can now get your tickets here.