There are many adventurers among you who visited PortAventura World when you were children and want to return as adults. It’s a place full of good memories, where you can relive great emotions and experience many other completely new ones, since every year we make sure there’s something new just to surprise you.

And do you know the best thing of all? If you’re wondering who you can take to PortAventura World, you have all kinds of options. If you don’t believe us, keep reading.


At PortAventura World, we have ideas for everyone

What makes a visit to PortAventura World a phenomenal experience for so many people are all the unique moments that they could not experience in other places. At the Resort we want you, whoever you are and whoever you come with, to have a great time. And that’s why our offer is so varied.


PortAventura World with friends

If you’re wondering who you can take to PortAventura World, we bet a friend’s name will automatically pop into your head. It’s the ideal place to come with buddies, since you can find all kinds of excitement.

Rides such as Shambhala, Dragon Khan, and Red Force, among many others, will get the adrenaline pumping and make sure you have a great time. With the shows you can rest while still having fun. And, at the end of the day, if you sleep in one of our hotels, you can have a quiet drink while you remember the adventures you had.

Also, for those of you who want to party, Salou is very close and has all kinds of establishments so you can dance even better than a TikToker.


PortAventura World with the family

A trip to PortAventura World as a family is already starting to become a tradition that is passed from generation to generation. Those who visited as children are now parents and they want their own little ones to have the same experiences as they did.

In addition, the Resort has all kinds of rides, shows, and games so that the kids can have fun alone, with other children, or with their parents (you, if you have children).

If you want to know which rides you can get on to plan your route through the park, don’t miss our children’s ride guide. It contains all the information you need.


PortAventura World with a partner

Some time ago we gave you ideas to spend a great weekend as a couple in the Resort and, although weekends are great, the truth is that any day of the week is good to enjoy a romantic trip to PortAventura World.

Among many other things, you can enjoy a romantic dragon ride at high speed, admire the sunset in front of a dreamy skyline, or enjoy an intimate dinner in one of our restaurants.


Team building in PortAventura World

If you’re the boss or the person in charge of your company’s workforce, you should know that a trip to PortAventura World can help improve your staff’s mood.

In addition to the rides, we have a Convention Centre, a 20,000 m² space with 24 meeting rooms suitable for hosting large groups, and fully equipped for team building activities.

Not only will you strengthen the relationships between personnel, but you will strengthen their team spirit and increase their motivation, in addition to helping them to release tension. This is the good thing about our rides; they help to release the stress of everyday life.


PortAventura World for schools

If you’re a teacher and you want your pupils to experience an unforgettable trip, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to visit PortAventura World with your group. As well as living lots of adventures, they will be able to learn about the cultures that the different worlds are inspired by.

In addition, a trip like this helps to improve teacher-pupil relationships. Any tensions that may arise in the classroom simply melt away and, as if this were not enough, the fact of knowing that, if they behave well, they will go on a trip reduces many conflicts until the day of the trip.

If you want to know more about how to travel with your group to PortAventura World, discover how to motivate pupils in the Resort and don’t miss our EcoEduca educational programme.


Travelling alone is also a good option

If you don’t know who you can take to PortAventura World, a solo trip can be a great experience. Some rides have rider single lines, you can enjoy shows in the same way, and there are no arguments about who wants to go where.


If you already know who you can take to PortAventura World, then go together 😉

As you can see, you’re going to have a great time whoever you take to PortAventura World. Our 6 worlds are designed so that you find the emotions you are looking for at all times and so that you can have a great time when you venture into our Resort.


Are you vising us? We’ll see you there!