The adventure continues at PortAventura World with the most frightfully fun season: Halloween is here! And, like every year, it is crammed with new additions so that, whoever you come with, you can have a frightfully fun time.

From 24 September to 13 November, discover the new passages, the most spectacular shows, and many more surprises.

Ah! Do you want to know more about them? Don’t panic, we’re about to tell you everything.


Halloween at PortAventura World is the most authentic Halloween

Halloween at PortAventura World is a classic every year. It’s a tradition that thousands of visitors revive year after year in which fear and fun become the stars of the Resort.

But do you know what the best thing of all is? Every year is different to the previous one— because if there’s one thing that sets us apart, it’s our desire to offer new experiences.


The most exciting passages of terror

One of the biggest attractions of Halloween at PortAventura World are our passages of terror, in which you’re going to get more than one scare, but you’re also going to have a great time.

This year we have two new passages: Horrock in Texas and Truco o Trato. The first is a music-themed passage where you’ll have a frightfully good time as you get up and shake those bones. The second is the first children’s passage that offers visitors a spooky and fun experience.

You can also look forward to the return of La Muerte Viva, La Isla Maldita, Apocalipsis Maya and REC© Experience.


Frightfully fun shows

Halloween at PortAventura World is famous for many reasons: one of which is its shows. Most of the shows undergo changes and are themed for the occasion:

  • Halloween Forever:

    this extravaganza of music, dance, acrobatics, and contortionism takes place in the Gran Teatro Imperial and is set in a mysterious gothic kingdom.

  • Bang Bang Halloween:

    the craziest specialist actors go from avoiding a heist to defending the fort and its monsters. Will they manage it?

  • El Día de los Muertos:

    in México's La Cantina, the dead jump onto the stage to bring to life the traditional songs of a very special day.

  • Vampires:

    a vampire, his assistant, and a vampire slayer meet in the Far West saloon in a show filled with music and humour that will even make the zombies smile.

  • ¡Ya es Halloween en SésamoAventura!:

    the families youngest members can also enjoy their Halloween show in the company of their friends from Sesame Street®.

  • Halloween Parade:

    if you've enjoyed seeing the most frightfully funny performers and characters, you'll be able to say goodbye to them at the end of the day in this grand parade.

  • Horror en el Lago:

    this show of lights, fire, pyrotechnics, and other surprises is the perfect way to put the cherry on top of an incredible and hair-raising day.

Another novelty for Halloween at PortAventura World that we don’t have during the rest of the seasons is that we offer themed food. In some of our self-service restaurants and table service restaurants you will find menus with scarily fun and tasty dishes.

In addition, in one of the Far West restaurants, The Iron Horse, you can enjoy a meal with a show, La Posada de Halloween, in which various monsters and characters will accompany you on a memorable evening.

If there’s one defining characteristic of PortAventura World’s Halloween characters, it’s that they don’t just look scary, they ARE scary. Really scary.

The possessed girl, the scarecrow, the madman, the evil clown… These and many other beings will be walking around the park ready to scare you and play tricks on you when they catch you off guard.

A word of advice: if you see the undead, don’t get too close to them. It looks like they want to hug you, but they’ll go straight for your brains.

Even if you visit PortAventura World at Halloween, not everything is scary. There’s also adrenaline, lots of adrenaline. Our rides are the ideal complement for an adventure full of emotions.

Make sure you look good in your ride photo, in order to prevent an extra scare. 😉

Do you dare to be part of this Halloween at PortAventura World?

As you can see, this year’s Halloween at PortAventura World is full of new features. But these won’t be the only ones. You’ll have to visit us to discover the rest.

If you dare,

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