It wouldn’t be Halloween at PortAventura World without its passages of terror. Those who have experienced it before know that, even though it only lasts two months, visitors will remember forever its impact and the careful attention paid to every tiny detail.

It’s an unmissable experience for fans of fear, fun, and strong emotions, but also for families, who see how the park is transformed into a frightfully fun place, where even the little ones have their own passage of terror.

The passages of terror are ingrained in Halloween’s DNA and this year we are introducing the first children’s passage because at PortAventura World there is room for everyone and for all levels of fear, as shown by our six passages of terror.

Whether you prefer zombies or Mayans, Day of the Dead or rock and roll, there’s a passage of terror for you.

Do you dare to discover the passages of terror?

For rockers we premiere Horrock in Texas by MTV, a terrifying musical world brought to us by MTV and, as its name indicates, located in Far West. You will find this passage of terror in the abandoned house, near the cemetery, where zombies await to entertain you with live music.

And as music fills the streets of Penitence, you’ll feel the terror take hold of you.

In México’s Hacienda area you can find La Muerte Viva, a passage of terror based on the festival of the Day of the Dead.

There you will travel to the world beyond and you will have to find your way back to the world of the living. Elegant skeletons, mariachis, and all of Mexico’s darkest history and traditions are waiting for you.

In addition, it’s completely indoors in order to achieve ultimate darkness. We’ve all heard of Day of the Dead, but not all of us know what the dead are capable of doing.

If you venture a little deeper into México, right where you’ll find Templo del Fuego, you will come across Apocalipsis Maya, a mysterious Mexican jungle where shamans, explorers, soldiers, mummies, zombies… and a cursed forbidden temple are all waiting for you.

Discover the consequences of awakening the wrath of the gods in this apocalypse that only the bravest adventurers will survive.

Did you get scared watching the film series REC®? Well, get ready to relive it in real life with REC® Experience, the passage inspired by these iconic horror films and where monsters, infected characters, and laser effects will make you feel like you’re really inside the movie.

If just reading this has scared you, don’t worry, an experience for the whole family is waiting for you in China: Truco o Trato, PortAventura World’s most family-friendly passage.

Guided by funny ghosts, you will have to cross an enchanted forest full of witches, pumpkins, sunflowers, fairies, and other magical creatures to find the giant pumpkin that will take you to the exit.

And then we have the highlight of Halloween, La Isla Maldita, the essential passage for lovers of terror. Because to feel emotions that make your skin crawl, you don’t need a paradise island, you need a cursed island. More than a kilometre of passage in which you will experience many terrifying moments.

Set foot on this mysterious Caribbean island and come face-to-face with the ghostliest pirates while avoiding all the dangers and monsters that will come after you. A unique Halloween experience that is only suitable for our bravest visitors. With more than 90 characters along the way, you’ll be living a nightmare that wouldn’t be out of place in a movie.

What happens on the island stays on the island!

If you can’t resist the urge to have a frightfully good time and you want to access PortAventura World’s Halloween passages of terror, don’t wait any longer. Buy your Halloween Passport now and get access to all the passages in the park.

You can also buy individual tickets for the passages that you prefer and that best suit your fears, but if you’re passionate about Halloween and want to live it to the fullest, then you really need the Halloween Passport so that you don’t miss a thing and you can have the Halloween that you deserve.

We’ll see you at PortAventura World!