Routes and excusions through Catalonia

Get to know Catalonia, its history, the most emblematic buildings and its idyllic natural landscapes. Take this opportunity to walk around and get to know everything about the incredible culture that the region has to offer.

Travelling around Catalonia

Catalonia is a territory with a broad diversity of natural and cultural scenery that you can explore via different routes. You can visit the Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí or trace the history of Modernism in Barcelona, which gave us the Sagrada Família or the Güell Park, to mention but two of the myriad cultural options available. You can also follow in the footsteps of creative geniuses of the stature of Antoni Gaudí, Salvador Dalí or Pablo Picasso. The routes across the Catalan Pyrenees or Roman Tarragona, the original Costa Brava or the wild Ebro Delta are equally appealing.

Catalonia has a broad range of themed routes for lovers of good wines and food, literature and even ornithology that you can enjoy on foot or by bike, on horseback, by car, motorbike or coach.