Add colour to the world of México

Get the whole family together and add traditional Mexican colours.

Add colour to the world of México

Mexico is known throughout the world for being an explosion of colours. When talking about this country, mariachis, and skulls with a thousand and one vibrant colours immediately spring to mind, so the world of México in PortAventura Park was never going to be anything less than electrifying. In the park, you will find this and much more for the whole family to enjoy.


Thrilling attractions and restaurants serving the best dishes from this Latin country are combined with fun and exciting shows.


Now, you have the chance to colour in a picture of an exclusive PortAventura Park show, exactly how you want!  Download this picture of a typical scene in the world of México, take out your coloured pencils and make it look exactly as you imagine it or how you would like it to be.


Great family fun where everyone can let their imagination run wild and enjoy for a while the magic of the shows that the park offers to each and every visitor.