Build the Hurakan Condor attraction at home

You already have in your hands the most exciting free fall experience in PortAventura Park.

Build the Hurakan Condor attraction at home

In the heart of the world of México at PortAventura Park, set in ancient Aztec ruins, stands a large tower over 100 metres high: Hurakan Condor.


When you reach the top of the tower, the entire park is at your feet. You're held there for seconds, with your legs suspended in the air, when suddenly you plummet straight back down! A few seconds of free fall at 115 km/h creates a feeling of freedom and adrenaline that only the bravest will dare to experience.


You already have the materials to build the Hurakan Condor model at home. An incredible keepsake to place on your desk or absolutely anywhere in your own home. Whenever you see it, you will be reminded of the unforgettable sensations and moments you lived on it and that you will repeat again in the future.


What are you waiting for? Download the instructions and add to your collection of the rest of the PortAventura Park models!