Sarcophagus and mirror scares

Follow these steps to scare your family half to death!

Sarcophagus and mirror scares

If you're a fan of scary fun, then this is your time to shine. We bring you two scares that will leave everyone quaking with fear.


First, we present the sarcophagus scare!

Download the file "susto-sarcofago.jpg", print it out and assemble the sarcophagus. Use scissors and glue (or similar) to assemble your deathly sarcophagus. Once you've finished putting it together, look for a suitable place to put it. We recommend hiding it under the bed or table, in a kitchen cupboard, or in any corner where no one would expect to find a sarcophagus.


And second, but no less terrifying, the mirror scare!

This scare consists of the following: among the attachments on this page you will find the file "susto-espejo.jpg", download it, print out the scary character and look for a mirror in an area of your house that is quite crowded (for example, the bathroom mirror, the hall mirror, etc.). It has to be a mirror that the family normally uses, in order to give them a good scare. In addition, you need to remember that, for the scare to be successful, you must have a surface where you can stick the character, which could be a wall, a door or any support that is just opposite the mirror. Once you've put it there, make sure you can see the scary character through the mirror.


And there you have it! Now you just have to wait for someone in your family to pass by the scares you have prepared. Make sure you're paying attention, so you don't miss their screams.


If these scares are a true success, it goes to show that you can have so much fun in a scary way!