Build PortAventura World’s steam train

Paper, scissors and a desire to have a good time are all you need to make your very own PortAventura World steam train... at home!

Build PortAventura World’s steam train

Are the little ones good with their hands? Would they like to do something away from electronic devices? Do they like crafts? And how about you? Do you think trains are cool, especially older steam trains? You and your little ones are in luck!


Now, you can download PortAventura World’s steam train and play with it as much as you want. You don’t need much to start the fun: paper, scissors, glue and, for the more daring, coloured pencils.


You’ll build it in no time at all and hours of fun await you. Use it with other toys, create tracks for it to ride around or show it off on your shelf.


In the park, you may be able to take the steam train from Mediterrània to Far West via SésamoAventura, but now you can also take it anywhere in your house.