Feel like a part of PortAventura World from your home. Here you will find games, crafts, recipes and countless activities to do as a family.

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Christmas Dinner Table

Decorate your Christmas dinner table with polaroid-style photos from PortAventura World! Liven up your Christmas dinner table and personalise the polaroid-style photos with each of your guests.

Gift Wrap

This year surprise your loved ones by designing your own paper to wrap the gifts. Customise yours with the PortAventura World guide!

Customisable gift card

Give the gift of happiness with our customisable cards.

Download the card you want to give and customise it to your liking!

Friend in the tree

PortAventura World brings you the ultimate ornament for your Christmas tree.

Personalise the cut-out doll with a photograph of one of your friends.

Terrifying Twitter Threads

Follow these terrifying Twitter threads and feel like you're part of PortAventura World's three Halloween shows.

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern

Follow the instructions to turn your pumpkin into a terrifying lantern. Enter to see the process in more detail.

Online Halloween Puzzle

Are you ready for Halloween? Have fun with your family solving this terrifying puzzle. This time online and from home!

Toilet paper spider

This is the ideal time to have fun scaring your friends. Follow our instructions and get ready for a great Halloween. More information!


Sweet and dark at the same time, with this recipe you'll earn the title of Halloween chef

Terrifying puzzles

Solve these two terrifying Halloween puzzles.

Head in a jar prank

Scare your friends with this amusing prank!

Wild bird's nest

Make this easy recipe and celebrate the most terrifyingly fun Halloween in your own home.

Broken toys manual

Give your toys a new lease of life with PortAventura World's broken toys manual.

Halloween footprints

Make traditional Halloween decorations with your feet! 

Halloween Placemats

Prepare the most terrifying table and surprise your guests.

Add colour to the world of México

Get the whole family together and add traditional Mexican colours.


Leave your guests speechless with this spooky recipe.

7 differences México

It might look like the same image, but it's not! Spot the 7 differences!

Sarcophagus and mirror scares

Follow these steps to scare your family half to death!

Build the Hurakan Condor attraction at home

You already have in your hands the most exciting free fall experience in PortAventura Park.

Horror escape room

PortAventura World provides all the instructions you need to create your own horror escape room at home!

México puzzles

Have fun solving entertaining puzzles featuring images of the world of México in PortAventura Park.

Scary stories

If scary fun is your thing, PortAventura World has the perfect terrifying story to tell your friends and family this Halloween.