7 differences in China

You'll only find them if you look very carefully!

7 differences in China

We all think that we are aware of everything that happens around us, that we are Sherlock Holmes in the making, but sometimes that is not the case. Sometimes we don't notice small changes and modifications to our environment.


To challenge the detective inside you, we've made slight changes to one of PortAventura World's most iconic images. You will immediately see the majesty of Dragon Khan and Shambhala, but it will take a little longer to uncover the differences between these two photos available for download.


If it takes longer than expected, don't give up! Just ask for help because this game is designed to be enjoyed with your family. It encourages teamwork and collaboration in order to reach a common goal and the little ones will learn to agree and discuss with others.


Download it now and start playing!



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