7 differences in SésamoAventura

Will you be able to find the seven differences in PortAventura Park's most colourful world?

7 differences in SésamoAventura

Something magical is happening in SésamoAventura. It has been noted that, from time to time, there have been small and subtle differences in the photographs taken in this world created for the little ones.  Some are easy to see; others are not as obvious. Some will be spotted straightaway and others might require help from an older family member.


If you click on the button below the text, you'll see two photos of a typical Sesame Street scene. At first glance they will appear identical but not everything is as it seems. You have to find the 7 differences between the two pictures.


This challenge is aimed at both the little ones in the house and older children to encourage working together as a team. You must be curious and pay attention to any detail, nothing can be overlooked.


Do you accept the challenge inspired by one of the PortAventura Park worlds that is most loved by children?



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