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Decorate your Christmas dinner table with polaroid-style photos from PortAventura World!

Liven up your Christmas dinner table and personalise the polaroid-style photos with each of your guests.

Manteles Navidad



The most anticipated day of the year has already arrived. It's time to get together with the family and celebrate Christmas for one more year. Next, we propose a series of original ideas to decorate your Christmas dinner table and surprise your family this holiday season.


  • Floral centrepiece: pick or buy Christmas flowers and place them on special tableware in the centre of the table for a splash of colour.
  • Christmas napkins: fold the napkins in an original way and decorate them with a bow.
  • Candlelight: to add more warmth to your Christmas dinner table, arrange some candles and light them when your guests arrive.
  • Christmas lights: to illuminate your table, decorate your table with fairy lights, just like the ones you put on the tree.
  • Christmas cut-outs: download the attached file and cut out the Christmas pictures to distribute around your Christmas dinner table.


In addition, for such an important occasion, we suggest you give a special touch to your Christmas dinner table with the customisable polaroid-style photos from PortAventura World. Download a polaroid-style photo for each guest and personalise it however you want:

  • Stick a picture of each guest in the centre of the polaroid-style photos and place them around the table to create a seating plan.
  • To make it even more fun, stick a picture that reminds you of each guest in the centre of their polaroid-style photo and put them on the table so they have to work out where to sit.
  • For the centre of the table, use red string and some Christmas clips to create a photo album with the polaroid-style photos from PortAventura World and stick a photo of each guest in the centre.
  • Put a personalised message for each guest in the centre of the polaroid-style photo and place the photo where they have to sit.


These are just a few ideas so that you can personalise your Christmas dinner table and make the Christmas gathering even more special.