Colour the world of China

Get involved in this activity and have fun colouring in this picture of the park.

Colour the world of China

Home to one of the most iconic attractions in PortAventura Park, Dragon Khan and the tallest in the park, Shambhala.  There is no doubt that the world of China occupies a special place in everyone's heart.  The mix of adrenaline and a fascinating thousand-year-old culture make this area an exceptional area of our park.


Now, together with the whole family, you can colour in a postcard of this world that reflects the importance and majesty that is bestowed upon the dragon in China. In the background, we have the Dragon Khan attraction with its eight loop-the-loops,  and, in the foreground, presiding over the square, the statue of this ancient mythological creature.


Get the whole family involved, especially the little ones, who will enjoy painting and finding out more about this faraway and exotic culture. Are you ready to download it, stay inside the lines and create a whole work of art?